When I started planning our weekend trip to Chicago, I knew that I had to plan some stops to try Chicago’s famous food. Traveling with kids, we were not looking for gourmet restaurants, we were looking to try my children’s version of Chicago’s best. Here are my top suggestions for finding fun food and the best restaurants in Chicago for kids.


We are a thin crust pizza family, but any trip to Chicago should include trying deep dish pizza. I found a deep dish pizza tour and thought it would be a great way to give it a try. Slice of Chicago Pizza Tours offers a tour that stops at three popular deep dish pizza restaurants where you get to sample a slice at each stop. We started at Pizzeria Uno then went to Pizzeria Ora, and our last stop was Giordano’s. It was fun to compare the different styles while learning about the history of pizza and walking the streets of Chicago. I would recommend any of these pizza restaurants, but my children’s favorite was Giordano’s.


My kids were unsure about an authentic, loaded Chicago hot dog. Ketchup is their condiment of choice. The excellent concierge staff at Hilton Chicago suggested we try a hot dog at Portillo’s. Not only was the hot dog perfect, Portillo’s is a fun restaurant to visit. The staff are some of the friendliest people we have met. If you don’t like hot dogs, try the Italian beef or thin crust pizza. We visited the location on Ontario and Clark which is directly across from another landmark that wowed my children, the largest McDonald’s in Chicago.


If you are in a block vicinity, the delicious smell will draw you in to Garrett Popcorn Shop. Don’t turn away by the sight of the line coming out the door. The line goes fast and it is all worth it. Multiple locations are around Chicago, but we visited the location off Michigan Avenue and Ontario near shopping on the Magnificent Mile. My kids chose the Chicago mix which is their signature Carmel Crisp and CheeseCorn. It was amazing. It was so filling it easily could have been our dinner for the night, but we had other junk food to sample.

All of these fun food locations are a ten-minute cab ride from Hilton Chicago. Let the concierge staff help you find the best restaurants in Chicago for your family!

This article was originally published by Hilton Mom Voyage.

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