Hawaii, is a vibrant, eclectic destination where the Polynesian world meets the American on the shores of the Pacific.

The island state of Hawaii is the most recent US state (it joined in 1959), spreading across myriad islands including Hawaii itself. The only state in the US not officially part of the Americas Hawaii offers a slice of Polynesian culture backed up by American modernity. Swirl in bountiful beaches, dramatic volcanoes and its own cuisine and it is easy to see why Hawaii is such a popular holiday destination. The main tourist islands include Hawaii, Maui and Oahu. The latter is also home to the capital of Honolulu, itself a vibrant city that blends together Hawaiian, Japanese, Chinese and American cultures.

Things to know before you go

  • The currency used in the US state of Hawaii is the US Dollar (international code: USD). Credit cards are widely accepted.
  • The best way to get around is by hire car, though the main islands also have a limited public transport networks. Oahu has the most comprehensive public transport network, focusing on journeys to and from Honolulu.
  • It is wise to choose island or islands to visit carefully, such as Oahu for the historic site at Pearl Harbor, Maui for its spectacular drives and Molokai for those looking to get away from it all.

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