Navigating the grid-like streets of this welcoming prairie city in Minnesota is a pleasure, whether on foot or on a bike, with superb shopping and museums to check out.

Minneapolis is an affluent city originally built on the wealth of its flour and saw mills. It has an easy going charm and a big city buzz, with a volley of parks, museums and shopping malls to explore. There is the Mississippi too with riverside walks tempting, plus the green oases of its parks and a lively array of festivals to check out.

Things to know before you go

  • Metro Transit run a light rail system (METRO), as well as buses, trains and park and ride facilities, making getting around the city a breeze.
  • Bike use is very popular in Minneapolis with the Nice Ride bike share program offering affordable bike hire from stands across the city.
  • Minneapolis and St Paul are known as the ‘Twin Cities’. They share the same airport, are only a few miles away from each other and are joined at the hip in many ways. If you have more time making it a twin center vacation works well.

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