From SeaWorld to Walt Disney World to Universal Studios, Orlando boasts seven of the USA’s ten most visited theme parks.

It may be the theme park capital of the world, but Florida’s third city is also a holiday playground for adults. It offers a lively downtown, several fine museums, superb outlet shopping, and easy access to wildlife encounters with alligators, manatees and more. There’s even a rodeo in neighboring Kissimmee. Orlando’s artsy downtown area has a vibrant nightlife scene along with cultural attractions. And you’ll find fun eateries and fine dining spots all around the city.

Things to know before you go

  • Getting a Fast Track or Express Pass to a theme park's feature attractions might seem pricey upfront, but you’ll find it’s worth it as you waltz on to rides ahead of a long queue.
  • If you're staying in a theme park hotel you may not need a car, but you should rent one if you want to visit other theme parks or explore Orlando - and Florida's - other attractions.
  • Florida can be oppressively hot and humid mid-summer, so consider visiting in spring or fall. If you’re not traveling with children, pick dates outside the school holidays.

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