Fitness classes can be pricey, especially if your gym membership doesn’t travel across state lines. But rest assured, there are plenty of great spots in Philadelphia where you can get a great workout without breaking the bank. So pack your sneakers, pull your sweatband on, and check out our favorite spots to feel the burn for free in Philadelphia!

Schuylkill River Trail: This 30-mile trail runs all the way from Center City to Valley Forge National Historical Park, making it a favorite for long-distance runners and cyclists. But rest assured,  there’s plenty to see within city limits. Don’t miss Schuylkill Banks Boardwalk, which extends the Schuylkill River Trail from Locust Street to South Street.  The path provides amazing skyline views via four scenic overlooks, no matter whether you’re walking, sprinting, or pedaling over the river.

Martin Luther King Drive: MLK Drive offers gorgeous views of the city–but most of the time, it’s packed with cars. Good news: every Saturday and Sunday from 6am to 5pm, Saturday and Sunday, this four-mile stretch of road running through West Fairmount Park is completely closed to traffic. Sprint down the middle of the street while you admire the views of Boathouse Row, the Schuylkill River, and more.

Cira Green: Squat, plank, and lunge your way around this rooftop park located 12 floors up (above Cira Centre South Garage). It’s accessible to the public year-round,  and offers paved paths, benches, and a grassy incline perfect for HIIT. Visit at the right time and you might be able to catch a pop-up workout class–or work out on your own and cool off afterward at Sunset Social, the outdoor restaurant onsite.

Philadelphia Museum of Art: The steps of the Art Museum are probably the most iconic free workout spot in history–that’s right, we’re talking about the “Rocky Steps.” A few rounds up and down the 72 stone steps and you’re guaranteed to feel the burn. But if you want to mix it up a little, jcheck out the honeygrow Summer Fitness Series Sponsored by Hilton! hgAthletic Ambassador, Angelena Minniti is leading a series of four FREE bootcamps at the Art Museum this summer, with giveaways from Hilton and live music from DJ Stampone. The next event is on August 14 at 6:30 pm—registration is required and only 200 spots are available for each session.

Header photo by J. Fusco for Visit Philadelphia

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