Boston craft beer is revered around the world.

Many visitors planning a trip to Boston will have Samuel Adams (Boston Beer) as a must-see destination for all things malty and delicious. While we agree, Sam Adams shouldn’t be missed while visiting Boston, there is a new craft beer epicenter taking hold of the city.

In just a one square-mile area, fifteen minutes north of downtown Boston, Everett is home to numerous places creating all things fermentable. With three breweries, one distillery and a cider house all within a stone’s throw from one another, the new must-visit area has been creatively coined the “Fermentation District”.  The tenants of this hip, happening and delicious community are Night Shift Brewing, Down the Road Beer Co, Bone Up Brewing, Short Path Distillery, and Artifact Cider.

Night Shift Brewing

Rounding the bend of Santilli Highway, you won’t be able to miss Night Shift Brewing’s 30,000 square foot facility complete with 5,000 sq ft taproom and patio. The space will be bustling most nights of the week and is so popular on Saturdays, the line will often stretch down the side of the building.

Chad’s pick: For you hop heads, don’t forget to try “Santilli”, their flagship American IPA, with juicy orange and pine notes from the late hop additions.

Sample a flight in Night Shift Brewing's Tasting Room

Short Path Distillery

Switch gears from the hop-forward IPAs and strong willed stouts of Night Shift, to the handcrafted spirits at Short Path Distillery. Short Path menu highlights specialty cocktails featuring their house made gin, rum, and newly released whiskeys. From the taproom you can see two copper Portuguese-made stills, which Short Path uses to create these flavorful spirits. We recommend the Gin and Tonic flight. Featuring three seasonal gins, crafted with botanical relevant to the time of year, this flight is sure to make your spirits soar.

Chad’s pick: Set taste buds up for a staycation with Short Path Distillery’s mojito flight.

Recently hand-filled bottles of Short Path's White Rum

Bone Up Brewing Co.

Next on this list is Bone Up Brewing Co. Inside you will find a dozen taps featuring their house made frothy creations and a seasonal cask ale. While we recommend popping in for a full pint to get the full experience of that beer, flights are available and come with a complimentary snack. Looking for something more to nosh on? Check out the ever popular Boston Food Trucks serving up great grub just outside.

Chad’s pick: Make sure to grab a growler of  Keylime White Ale or Extra Naked Cream Ale for something refreshing and delicious to drink on the porch as the weather warms up!

Down the Road Beer Co

Just across Revere Beach Parkway is Down the Road Beer Co. Located in repurposed warehouse and production space, Down the Road Beer Co. offers a stunningly built 2,500 square-foot taproom, complete with 16 retro pinball machines and a more impression number of beers on tap. Down the Road features plenty of parking, food trucks outside frequently and snacks and non-alcoholic beverages behind the bar as well so you can bring all your friends to this great space.

Chad’s pick: Keep a look out for a can with the mythical Pukwudgie of Wampanoag. Not only is he Down the Road’s mascot, but it’s also the name of their must try session American pale ale.

Beer and Pinball at Down the Road Beer Co

Artifact Cider Project

New opening alert! At City Brew Tours, we take pride in keeping on top of the best hidden gem breweries, and new must see locations. After making the move from Western Massachusetts, Artifact Cider Project recently opened its doors to the world, right next door to Down the Road Beer Co. Currently opened only on Saturdays, this cider house carefully crafts cider with locally sourced apples and provides fans with uniquely dry, yet juicy ciders.

Chad’s pick: With summer finally here, pick up By Any Other Name. Ready to make a statement this season, this rose cider is filled with floral and fruitful flavors.


Chad Brodsky runs City Brew Tours Boston. City Brew Tours offers all-inclusive daily craft brewery tours and events throughout the East Coast. City Brew Tours is a great way for visitors and locals to get a behind the scenes access to their favorite breweries without having to worry about driving. Want to stay close to the Fermentation District? DoubleTree by Hilton Boston Logan Airport Chelsea is 2 miles from the district, and 10 minutes from Downtown Boston.

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