Austin has no shortage of bachelor and bachelorette parties. In fact, Austin is renowned for having people travel all the way here explicitly for their bachelor or bachelorette party. So, how do you keep yours fresh? How do you make your party stand out from all the other parties in the city? Enter Urban Axes, Austin’s premier axe throwing venue.

While axe throwing might not be the first thing that comes to mind when planning your bachelor or bachelorette party – it deserves to be on the itinerary. Not convinced? Read on!

It’s Something Different

Bachelor and Bachelorette parties frequently tend to take the same trajectories. Bar crawls along 6th street, pool parties, brewery tours, spa days, golf outings, etc. And while there’s nothing wrong with that – be bold! Do something a little different for a chance. Axe throwing is sure to give you some cool pictures and videos to look back on. Plus, it’ll be impossible for your bachelor or bachelorette party to get lumped in as “just another party,” once everyone experiences the sensation of learning how to throw axes, and one of you leaves triumphant having proven to be the best axe thrower. You might even get to take home a trophy….

It Fits into Any Schedule

Axe throwing doesn’t have to be the only way you celebrate your bachelor/bachelorette party. You can book a group at Urban Axes in whatever part of the day works best for you, they open at 11am, with the last group finishing at 10:30pm, still plenty of time to go out after.  You can also kill two birds with one stone by working with the Urban Axes event planner to have food delivered.  This way you can eat local brisket or our favorite local pizza without wasting hours in line. Another one for the “pro” column!

There’s Alcohol

Urban Axes Austin is a BYO (beer, wine, and cider) facility! Yep. That’s right. You can enjoy a beer while throwing axes. How it works: you’re assigned a coach at the beginning of your group who will go over some standard safety procedures, and then it’s time to crack open a cold one or pop a bottle of bubbly. By the time you’ve learned how to throw an axe, you’re feeling loose, and ready to compete. Matches are played with just a few people at a time, so there’s plenty of time to have a few drinks and socialize as you cheer them on.  Afterwards, if you’re still thirsty, head to the neighboring Austin East Ciders Taproom or Friends and Allies Brewery – or one of the many breweries on the Eastside.

It’s Indoors, and it’s Air Conditioned

We know you came to Austin because of the amazing weather, but at some point, it might rain – or you may be looking to escape the heat (it gets hot around here…real hot!). So, we’ve got you covered. The rain (or heat!) won’t be able to ruin your party if you’re inside. And, Urban Axes has that sweet, sweet air conditioning that your body will crave so much.

Anyone Can Do It

Anyone can throw axes. It’s true! Whether it’s your least coordinated friend, or your parent came to the party, anyone can do it (well, you have to be 21+!). It doesn’t matter if you’ve played sports all your life, or you’ve never even heard of lacrosse. If someone wants to learn how to throw axes, they will. But who’s going to be the best at it? That’s a different story. If you are a natural, and the soon-to-be champion, there will be plenty chances to flex on your friends and show them who they messed with. Both bachelor and bachelorette parties can and will have one hell of a party, learning how to do something new.

It’s Really, Really Fun

The last and most simple reason to go axe throwing for any occasion is: it’s ridiculously fun! From the moment you get your first axe to stick, to the moment you win your championship, the fun doesn’t stop. There’s just something about hearing that thud over and over again that doesn’t stop being exciting.

If you’re planning a bachelor or bachelorette party, head over to to book your group now.


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