Where to stay when you visit the route of the Art, Wine and Cheese of Querétaro?

When deciding to visit, the so famous Route of art, wine and cheese in the State of Querétaro, surely you will have some doubts about it and it is completely normal.
The main thing is to decide when you want to go, since there are some weekends in which certain festivals are held in the area, and independently in the same winemakers; So it is advisable to look well in the calendar, if you are interested in attending an event, or go directly to the guided tours of each place.

Since you have the date or dates for your visit, it is recommended that you make a reservation at a nearby hotel, so that you can fully enjoy your visit and make it responsibly.
In the area there are different hotels of the HILTON family in which you can stay, but we can recommend one in particular and this is the Hampton Inn by Hilton San Juan Del Rio Hotel, which is located at Av. Central 239, Esq. Calle 8 Pte, CP 76802, San Juan del Rio, Qro.

The location of the hotel is perfect when making the route of art, wine and cheese, since it is in a very central point and easy to reach any of the destinations, it is also approximately two hours from the CDMX.

The hotel, in addition to being very central, has very comfortable rooms and is ideal for resting after having visited some wine / cheese shops.
Another aspect to consider of the hotel, is that it includes buffet breakfast, and this is a very good thing since you do not have to worry in the morning to find where to go to breakfast.
For these and many more reasons, we consider the Hampton Inn by Hilton Hotel San Juan Del Rio as the best ideal lodging option when visiting the Route of art, wine and cheese in Querétaro

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