There’s no better view of the city quite like the view from 360 CHICAGO—it is simply the way Chicago should be seen. Soaring 1,00 feet over Chicago’s legendary Michigan Avenue, 360 CHICAGO is one of the city’s most unique attractions. Located at 875 N Michigan Avenue on the 94th floor (formerly known as the John Hancock Center), offers breathtaking views of Chicago’s lakefront, magnificent skyline and four neighboring states. Along with the unforgettable excitement of TILT, and it’s spectacular views of the city skyline, 360 CHICAGO also offers a variety of educational opportunities.

It all begins on the concourse level with an interactive exhibit highlighting Chicago’s rich history and showcasing nine of the city’s culturally unique neighborhoods. Before guests go upstairs to experience this all at once they have a chance to get to know Chicago a little bit more intimately. We have a queuing experience downstairs upon entry that allows guests the chance to get to know some of the neighborhoods that make up this city. Once past the security checkpoint, guests are taken into a quick video about Chicago and how the great Chicago fire changed the city forever. The “micro-neighborhoods experience is that chance for guests to explore these corners in detail and hopefully inspire them to go out there and see it for themselves. There are about 77 neighborhoods in Chicago and 219 micro neighborhoods. For example, Lakeview is a neighborhood while Boystown and Wrigleyville are micro-neighborhoods. As guests walk through this experience they also get the opportunity to see and hear some of the highlights of these neighborhoods. These videos in the space allow guests a bit of called to action and were brought to us by Second City hosts.

The space itself is about 17,000 square feet so you can imagine the immense opportunity and capability it provides. The reflection you may see on the ceilings of our observatory floor is called Barrisol. It is a reflective fabric stretched over a wooden frame. 360 CHICAGO currently has the largest installation of Barrisol in the world. Some of it’s biggest features are its lightweight feel and the ripple effect it gives off. Only one company in the world makes it and it’s located in France .Barisol is a very popular feature at 360 CHICAGO and always welcomes a very good selfie opportunity for our guests!

360 CHICAGO has the best views all around. We are the only observation deck in Chicago to have complete views in all directions—giving guests the freedom to walk around and take pictures across the entire floor. There are many great ways to view many great cities, but none are greater than where we are now. We are complete with several features that give us a rather unique competitive advantage. Among these are BAR94, our Barrisol ceiling, our interactive screens, daily activation for our local residents and of course, the opportunity to relax at sunset seating and enjoy a cocktail in the sky. Of course what really sets us apart is our most popular and most thrilling feature to date, the TILT experience. There is only one like it in the world and thousands of people from all over the world come here to experience it. This experience leans guests off the side of our building! The body loses equilibrium at about 26 degrees, and this experience pushes past that at 30 degrees. Giving guests and us *just* enough thrill for one evening.

360 CHICAGO also is one of the only places, including the many bars in Chicago to have daily activation every single day of the week

    • Mondays guests can bring their tripods and use them in the space to take spectacular pictures day or night.
    • Tuesdays we have a complementary Sky Guide that takes guests around the floor and gives them a unique tour of the city from the inside looking out.
    • Wednesdays we have sky art here, an artist from bottle and botegga teaches our guests some art tips and we encourage painting on the west view of the observatory.
    • Thursdays we have Hoppy Hour where we have drink specials at the bar, as well as our full bar available carrying some of Chicago’s local Favorites from Revolution Brewing.
    • Fridays we have trivia in the afternoon, and it’s a popular and fun great deal for guests! Learn about the city and have fun doing it.
    • Saturdays we have yoga in the space in the mornings, it’s a relaxing and beautiful way to start the day.
    • And finally, sundays are fundays and kids are half off! In addition to this we also have a musician and a magician to entertain parents and adults upstairs.

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