Fun for both kids and parents, enhance your Washington, DC adventure with Capital Hilton’s quacktastic Little Presidents Package, which includes adorable Presidential Rubber Duckies. They are perfect for going out on the town and taking snapshots while making historical memories with your family. Kids will also love the Presidential Biography coloring posters with crayons included. Families can explore the city, monuments and museums and while kids fill out their posters with all the details about their favorite President! They will love showing their friends all they learned while here in Washington DC with their poster and ducky pictures.

Easily gallivant around town to all the major Washington DC attractions like the White House, Washington Monument, Capitol Building, Smithsonian, and the National Air and Space Museum. All very convenient to our centrally located hotel, be sure to bring your duckies along for some fun photo ops! Get in on the social media fun by tagging your posts #littlepresidents – winners will be chosen weekly and special prizes will be given out for the most fun and creative photos!

While exploring the rich history of the Capital City, don’t forget to delve into the fascinating history that took place at Capital Hilton. The hotel was built in 1943 and is honored to be a distinguished Historic Hotels of America member and on the National Register of Historic Places. Did you know that the Capital Hilton has hosted every single US President since FDR? Because of this tradition, our hotel has been the site of many interesting occurrences. For example, Truman often played the piano here (which can be found in our Truman suite), Obama posted his first instagram picture here, and so much more!

Start your day off in North Gate Grill, named for the White House’s North Gate (which Presidents used to walk to Capital Hilton), with our delicious breakfast spread. Each week features a special historical featured item curated by Chef Andrew from our Presidential recipe archives. Many of these recipes were served to our Presidents when they stayed with us. While enjoying breakfast, use the map included with your package to plan a fun filled day in the city with your little ones.

The fun doesn’t stop after your day of exploration ends. Come to our Statler Lounge and check out our President’s Cocktail Club featuring the beverages of choice for our most charismatic Presidents, some of whom drank these exact drinks here at our hotel! Our specially selected happy hour also features George Bush’s famous chex mix as our complimentary bar snack. The special menu will be available to guests during the hotel Little Presidents Package dates (June 11 – September 7, 2019) between 4:30-7PM.

Your whole family will love exploring all that the Summer in DC has to offer: beautiful scenery, outdoor activities, and of course, learning all about our US History and Presidents. Capital Hilton’s Little Presidents Package is a perfect way to add a fun twist onto your Summer DC travels all from a historic hotel. Presidential Duckies delight kids and adults, and Presidential Biography posters are the perfect way to learn more about our US Presidents. And both make great souvenirs to take home with you! To learn more about our Summer offerings and to start planning your DC getaway, visit Capital Hilton or call (202) 393-1000.

Little Presidents Package (June 11 – September 7, 2019):

– 2 Presidential Rubber Duckies

– 1 Presidential Biography Poster

– Crayons

– DC Map

– Opportunity to win fun prizes via social media contest

– Extra duckies, poster, and crayons can be purchased for $15.

Starting at $119.00 + tax of 14.95% (subject to availability)

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