There are a lot of choices when it comes to choosing a vacation destination. There are cities all over the world to visit and so many things to see. When it comes to choosing where you and your family stay, you may first pick your destination and then start searching for the best prices or amenities for your family. For many, the destination is what surrounds the hotel. The hotel, meanwhile, mostly serves as a place to sleep, rest and maybe enjoy a dining experience.

However, if you are considering booking your summer vacation, you may want to think about trying a vacation at a resort. Yes, there is a difference, and it’s an important one. Because a resort is more self-contained and tries to provide all of the needs you’ll have during your stay. Thus, the resort itself is the vacation.

Oak Brook Hills Resort & Conference Center is a rare gem – a resort in the western suburbs of Chicago. A place for families and vacationers which provides everything a person trying to get away from everything would need to enjoy their vacation.

What is a resort?

You may be wondering, then, what a resort is? Well, a resort is a vacation destination where everything is self-contained. Dining, shopping, entertainment and other options are all right on the property and ready for those staying there to use. When a family decides to stay at a resort, they can spend their time entirely on the property, if they wish, relaxing and finding activities and entertainment to keep them happy.

What is a hotel?

Of course, hotels provide a lot to vacationers, too. Many hotels will have restaurants in them or near them. Some of them serve complimentary breakfasts. However, hotels are there primarily to serve as a kind of short-term “base of operations” for families or travelers who need to get some rest before heading out into the city or traveling on to their next destination.

Hotels are close by airports and other popular places or attractions within a city or town. That way, vacationers can visit, stay at the hotel and enjoy the amenities while there, but then venture out to explore the cities, book tours, etc.

Does staying at a resort mean you can’t see what’s around?

Well, of course not. You are not confined to the resort area. In fact, the great thing about booking a resort stay is that you can easily work with the resort to get transportation or book certain packages which will allow you to see the areas around the resort. For example, Oak Brook Hills is in the western suburbs of Chicago and when you’re here, it feels like you’re a million miles away from the third largest city in the country. However, you can book Chicago tour packages which allow you to see some of the top attractions in Chicago. There are also plenty of things to see even closer to the resort property, like the amazing features of the Morton Arboretum.

Which is right for you? Hotel or resort?

The answer to the question as to which type of vacation or which type of property you’re looking for lies within you and only you can properly answer it. What type of vacationer are you? What type of vacation are you looking for? Are you the type who wants to get away from everything and stay in one spot, perhaps just spending the day relaxing beside a pool? Are you the type who enjoys getting away and enjoying a round of golf? If you want to remain mostly in one location where you can find dining, relaxing, rooms with all of the amenities and have your needs met in such a way, then a resort might just be your thing.

However, if you would rather be in the heart of a big city and spend your day going out on tours and exploring the city, you may be looking for a different experience. If you are the type who needs to be out all the time and just need a place to lay your head at night to get some sleep, well, a hotel experience might be more what you need.

If you’re looking for a unique summer vacation experience right in the Midwest, then book your adventure at Oak Brook Hills. All that Chicago has to offer mixed with all resort life brings with it at the Hidden Gem of the Suburbs.


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