You’ve made it back home. You’ve spent the last few days and nights on the dazzling Caribbean waters, and you’ve finally returned from your cruise out of the Port of Tampa. It may be a somber moment for you, but it doesn’t have to be! Point is, just because you’re back on American soil, it doesn’t mean that your vacation is over.

Keep those easy, sun-kissed, lazy days going by extending your vacation in Tampa Bay. First up? The beach of course! Here are a few of the best in the area.


Caladesi Island
Caladesi Island is one of the few completely untouched and unfiltered beaches in the area. It’s only accessible by private boat, kayak or ferry ride and would be perfect for a private, intimate outing.

Clearwater Beach
Clearwater Beach is perhaps the most popular in the area and for good reason. It’s a great option for families, for friends and for a solo beach trip. There are also lots of activities to get into like group fitness classes, fishing, and Beach Walk, which is a promenade surrounding the beach full of artwork, lush landscapes and entertainment.

Sand Key County Park
This beach is more secluded and calm than nearby Clearwater Beach, and it’s perfect if you’d rather do without the high-energy and activity a beach can sometimes have. If you’re a nature lover, it’s also great for you. You’re likely to see eggs from endangered sea turtles and bird nests, so keep those cameras ready!

Take advantage of the beautiful and unique beaches near the Tampa Bay area before you head back home. Then, when you’ve had your fill and are finally ready to end the vacation, head to any of the many hotels in Tampa Bay to enjoy one last luxury – like a completely free shuttle ride to the airport.

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