Whether you’re a Floridian by birth and you still call the state home, or you’re a Floridian by association and you don’t let your annual Florida Keys vacation pass you by, there’s a good chance you’re pumped for this year’s lobster season. The Keys are known for its fresh seafood just as much as its laid back atmosphere, and considering the fact that lobster hasn’t been in season for the last few months, there’s a whole lot of excitement to go around!

The regular lobster season runs every year from August 6th to March 31st, but on two single days in July, there’s always a mini season for recreational harvesters only. This means commercial harvesters have to wait their turn, and all the delicious lobster you could personally ever want is up for grabs – literally. There are certain rules to abide by, so be sure to check the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission site before you head out with your gear! Oh, and if you’re brand new to this, the Florida Spiny Lobster will not look like the northern lobsters you may be used to seeing. Instead of having those pronounced and distinctive front claws, this crustacean has whips protruding from its head and is harvested for the tail meat. FYI.

There are lots of different avenues available to get out into the water and catch the night’s dinner, including snorkel charters and fishing charters. SeaSquared facilitates both tours and provides professional guides and harvesting equipment. You just have to show up with a ready-to-learn spirit and your own snorkel gear. Their Scales and Tails Charter combines fishing with lobster snorkeling in an all-day adventure on the water.

If you’re traveling South for this year’s lobster season and need an accommodating hotel in the Florida Keys, be sure to consider Hilton’s many properties, including the Casa Marina Key West, A Waldorf Astoria Resort, Baker’s Cay Key Largo and budget-friendly options like the Hampton Inn Marathon – Florida Keys. A stay at this waterfront property comes with complimentary hot breakfast every morning, complimentary high-speed WiFi and a 49-inch HDTV to watch your favorite shows…and if those happen to primarily feature your favorite crustaceans, that’s totally your prerogative! Hilton isn’t here to judge – only to make your stay as enjoyable as possible!

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