Prepare to immerse yourself in the fashionable world of Barbie, where the color pink is king and you can be anything you want to be.
The world-renowned Barbie Room makes a comeback for Barbie’s 60th anniversary at Hilton Mexico City Santa Fe in its entire splendor – The theme? Glamping.

Glamping comes from the combination of glamour & camping. Glamorous camping is a growing global phenomenon, combining the experience of camping with the luxury of staying at a 5 stars hotel. Barbie loves traveling, enjoying nature and caring for the environment without renouncing to the comfort of the most sophisticated accommodations.

Mattel and Hilton have been working together for a long time. Since the original Barbie Room created at Hilton Buenos Aires in 2004, both companies have joined forces in different project like the three different rooms that were created in Buenos Aires – Argentina (2004, 2007 and 2018), Lima – Peru in 2012, Mexico City – Mexico in 2015 and Panama City – Panama in 2016. Considering this was a very important year for Mattel, Mattel and Hilton Mexico City Santa Fe decided to work together, once again, to create this concept and attract entire families that would be able to enjoy not only the rooms but also the memorabilia elements that are displayed around the hotel.

The hotel is located at the modern Santa Fe area of Mexico City. A sophisticated area renowned for its skyline, restaurants, malls (including the biggest mall in LATAM) & being home to some of the most important international corporate offices of the country.

From the get-go, the young (and not so young) Barbie Room guests can start their Barbie experience by checking-in through a themed Barbie area with a pink carpet and receive their welcoming kit, which includes a Barbie doll and souvenirs. The experience continues throughout the lobby, featuring gigantic classic Barbie icons to serve as selfie spots, collectible historic dolls encased in crystal displays & Barbie paintings.

Barbie Room guests can also opt for a themed Barbie table at Restaurant Madera and enjoy a very pink meal with a Barbie menu, created for the occasion or enjoy a sunny pool day at their very own VIP poolside seating area, decorated & reserved specifically for them.

As for the main attraction itself, the room simulates a camping environment that includes all sort of toys and unique Barbie dolls as well as a life-sized DreamCamper in which children can play, dress-up with costumes and spend the night under a simulated sky full of stars, right next to an artificial wood fire.

The hotel also features a second Barbie themed room, albeit with a much more serious tone aimed at parents. The Nostalgia Barbie Room –as it is nicknamed- features plenty of Barbie’s 60 Anniversary paraphernalia, including historic Barbie elements, such as collectible Barbie paintings & dolls displayed in crystal casings.

The Barbie Rooms will be featured at Hilton Mexico City Santa Fe until December 2019 and the rates start from $189 plus taxes per room per night on weekdays (Sundays through Thursdays) and from $229 plus taxes per room per night on weekends (Fridays and Saturdays). In both cases, breakfast and internet are included.

Are you a fan of Barbie? Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to experience Barbie’s world to the fullest.

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