Fly through the skies of León Guanajuato and watch the sunrise in a hot air balloon accompanied by more than 200 balloons at the International Balloon Festival of León Guanajuato FIG 2019.

Hilton, proud sponsor of the International Balloon Festival, allows you to enjoy this incredible experience. If you are an Honors member or you are staying at any of the Hilton hotels, go to our Hilton stand with your mobile phone showing the Hilton app or your reservation number, and you will have access to our VIP area where you can rest, recieve gifts and many other surprises. An exclusive benefit for Honors members and guests of the Hilton Hotels in León Guanajuato.

The International Balloon Festival celebrates 18 years in its 2019 edition, it is a wonderful aerostation event that takes place in the city of León, Guanajuato, Mexico. It is currently positioned as one of the 3 most important of its kind, worldwide.

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