The Florida Keys is undoubtedly known for fishing, for decompressing and for relaxing on the smooth waters, but what shouldn’t be forgotten is how family-friendly and community-oriented the area is. Marathon, especially, is great for families of all ages, so grab the little ones, pack your bags and head down South for an amazing trip for all!

Here’s some of the ways the whole crew can enjoy Marathon:

At the Dolphin Research Center
The mission of the research center is to “promote peaceful coexistence, cooperation and communication between marine mammals, humans and the environment we share.” You and your loved ones can witness up close dolphins, sea lions, tropical birds and more. They offer lots of special packages that allow you to interact with the aptly-nicknamed “puppies of the sea,” ranging from opportunities to simply see and touch the animals to the VIP experience, which gives you a half-day of personal time with the dolphins.

At Aquarium Encounters
If your little ones are more adventurous and like to cater to their more wild desires, Aquarium Encounters is the perfect place for them. With several immersive experiences and animals with much larger teeth, they’re sure to get a thrill. There are guided tours, a vibrant and colorful coral reef tank, special feeding tours, a predator reef tank and more! If you or your little ones are really feeling brave, you can even sign up for the stingray encounter, which puts you in the tank with Caribbean stingrays.

At Crane Point Hammock Museum & Nature Trail
Crane Point Hammock Museum & Nature Trial is also a Marathon staple for families. You can cruise along the boardwalk, hike in nature with real wildlife and take in what’s been called the best view of the Florida Bay, complete with sights of graceful angelfish and brightly colored parrotfish. For $69, you can take a kayak tour and make your way through the cozy, still waters as the kids point out all the interesting animals.

Whether you want to build sandcastles and take the kids out for ice cream, or you want to throw in some educational fun and excitement, your next family vacation in The Keys won’t lack a thing when you do it in Marathon!

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Enjoy your Marathon vacay!

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