Some vacations necessitate big lights and long nights. They require that metropolitan buzz that’s full of non-stop fun and entertainment. When you think of golden birthdays or special anniversaries or Spring Break, that’s probably when you have one of those vacations. Then, there are other times…times when balancing work and life and personal commitments is chaotic enough. If you’re going on vacation, you want a break, and those times, people, is when you come down to Marathon. Whether you want to spend your days lounging with a book or slowly drifting on a boat, it’s all totally doable.

Keep reading for some ways Marathon can help you achieve the calm of your dreams.

The act of fishing can be incredibly calming for some people, and in Marathon, there’s lots of fishing. You can take your pick from deep offshore fishing, bay waters fishing and Middle Keys bridge fishing. Fishing from the reefs gives you access to yellowtail, mangrove, mutton snapper, grouper, mackerel and barracuda. Fishing offshore gives you access to sailfish, dolphin fish and wahoo. Be aware of the underwater platforms that house fish like blue and white marlin, blackfin tuna and even sharks.

Crane Point Park!
There’s tons of relaxing and comforting things to do at Crane Point, especially if your idea of relaxing is a nice, slow stroll through nature. You can also cruise the park waters with their kayak and paddleboard tours. For just $79, you can experience their Full Moon Yoga, which is led by a certified instructor and surrounds you with the serenity of the water and the dazzling sunset.

Of course, another way to relax in The Keys is with a cruise. Captain Hook’s offers a nice variety of cruises including private cruises, champagne sunset cruises, birthday snorkeling cruises and more. If you plan in advance, they’ll even perfect your experience by decorating your cruise boat and pairing you with local restaurants to add that touch of personalization for you and your guests. And even if you want to forego the hassle and just hop aboard and ride, that’s perfectly fine too!

Taking it easy doesn’t only happen in New Orleans, people. Get your Marathon hotel needs out of the way, and get ready to sleep in, eat well, and lounge near the water in a city designed for just that.

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