Cancun is known worldwide for its white sandy beaches and mesmerizing blue waters, making it an idyllic paradise for those who want to escape the routine. Whether it’s for a romantic weekend getaway, for a trip with friends or a family vacation, Cancun has become one of Mexico’s most popular destinations. During your next visit to Cancun, we invite you to stay at the Hampton Inn where you will be close to a wide variety of fun-filled activities. Here are some attractions and ideas not to be overlooked the next time you’re in Cancun.

Go to Playa Tortugas 

Known for its jaw-dropping coastline, relax and enjoy one of Cancun’s best beaches, Playa Tortugas. Swim, snorkel, dive, or practice a wide variety of aquatic sports, dive into a good book or magazine and lose yourself in the horizon. Walk to any of the restaurants along the beach to enjoy some of the local cuisine or have a refreshing drink, as you soak up the sun.

Visit Mercado 28 

If you’re looking for great offers, you must visit the artisanal market, Mercado 28, where you can find beautiful souvenirs for friends and family, and enjoy the local culture and traditions the city has to offer. For a true local experience, visit the market during the weekend and go to Plaza Bonita, a local market across the street that sells organic produce.

Visit the Acuario Interactivo de Cancún

This is the best place for kids of all ages who love marine wildlife. Visit Acuario Interactivo de Cancun where you can have a unique experience and interact with sea turtles and stingrays. If you love dolphins, you can catch any of their daily shows or even swim with them. If you’re more of a daredevil, you can swim with sharks or simply enjoy watching them as they swim around you. The decision is entirely yours.

Take a stroll through Avenida Kukulcan and visit Museo Maya 

If you’re looking for an unmatched view of the ocean, take a stroll down Avenida Kukulkan. Named after a Mayan deity related to wind and water, Avenida Kukulkan will allow you to enjoy the Caribbean ocean’s breeze in all of its might. Walking down its expansive 15-kilometer stretch, you can take in the scenery, and if you’re in the mood, you can stop at Museo Maya de Cancún to learn more about Mayan culture and see some of their preserved artifacts.

Visit the Planetario Ka Yok 

Since Cancun is more than just beach and sun, you can take advantage of your stay to visit Planetario Ka Yok, one of the most modern planetariums where you can see the entire universe. In the observatory, through one of the telescopes, you can see the sky during the afternoon or at night. There are also two museums, one dedicated to the Mayan cosmic view and the other to the preservation of water.

Visit Plaza la Isla Cancun 

If no vacation is complete without a little window shopping, you have to visit Plaza la Isla Cancún. A mall with more than 162 international, national, and local brand stores, restaurants and movie theaters, Plaza la Isla is one of the most prominent malls in the country. You can also enjoy a boat tour through one of its canals, go to Acuario Interactivo de Cancun, which is located inside the mall, or visit the wax museum. After a fun-filled day of activities, relax on the pier with a breathtaking view of the sunset.

Visit Plaza Forum Cancún 

Plaza Forum Cancun is the only mall in the city with access to the beach and offers entertainment any time of the day. With more than 70 restaurants, bars, two movie theaters, discos, jewelry and clothing stores, this is one of the busiest and most entertaining destinations day or night in the city. You will always find something to do. Enjoy some of the best views of the Caribbean ocean or visit the iconic Hard Rock Cafe and don’t forget to take a picture.

Cancun is one of the most entertaining destinations because it has everything you need for a wonderful vacation. Whether traveling with family, friends or your significant other, this city brings you the opportunity to create a personalized experience. From the best beaches, malls, walks, aquariums, and even cultural experiences, there are countless attractions appealing to travelers of all ages.

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