When you think of San Diego, you most likely think of beautiful beaches, fish tacos, and the movie Anchorman…and while all those things are great, I am here to tell you that San Diego is so much more than that.

As a local, native San Diegan, it is my dream to help show off the many things that make me so proud and happy to continue to call San Diego my home. With that in mind, I worked with the team at Hilton San Diego Bayfront to create the Curated Experiences program for our guests that will give them the inside scoop from locals and ensure that they experience the best that San Diego has to offer.

While creating the Curated Experiences program, we thought about different types of travelers and what each one of those travelers would enjoy most about San Diego. Are you an Instagrammer always looking for that perfect shot to add to your feed? Or are you a Distilled Spirit, looking out for the best new breweries and distilleries? Is your dog your travel companion? Then we have great recommendations lined up for you.

The Curated Experiences program is ever-changing with each experience being added to regularly to keep up with the seasonal changes within our destination. Check back to see what recommendations have been added to your favorite experience, and to see what other experiences have been added for different types of travelers.

We hope you enjoy these experiences and will fall in love with San Diego and give you something to write home about.

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