While there are definite “must-sees” at Pike Place Market, if you have a little more time to explore check out some of these hidden gems. They are sure not to disappoint!

– Lower-Level: Most people explore the Main Arcade, but check out the Lower Levels to find unique specialty shops like Golden Age Collectables and Market Magic Shop!

– Unexpected Productions Market Theater: While you’re going down to Lower Post Alley to find the Gum Wall, check out this improv comedy theater open on Wednesday and Thursday.

– Indi Chocolate: This was one of the Market’s best kept secrets located on the 5th floor and very easy to miss, but now you can visit them in their new location in the Pike Place Market Front next to Old Stove and Honest Biscuit on Western Avenue.

– Urban Garden: This is a true hidden gem located on the southwest roof of the market. This 2,000 square foot area was designed with materials from the market and is cared for by the Pike Place Market Senior Center. Plus, all of the produce is donated to the Pike Place Market Food Bank to help people in need!

– Bird Sanctuary: If you are looking for a nice place to relax amongst the hustle and bustle of the market, check out this small alcove beneath Post Alley behind the Soames Dunn Building.

– Ugly Baby and La Ru: If you’re looking for a charming local item to gift someone back home, visit this retail shop on the back side of the market (Western Avenue) that features the work of two local Seattle artists.

– Oriental Mart: Do not be fooled. Tucked away from the main road, this may look like a small market, but it also serves some of the best authentic Filipino cuisine in the city.

– The Pink Door: Tucked away on Post Alley, it is easy to miss, but if you find their signature pink door you will be treated amazing Italian food and great ambience.

Bonus: The Paper Feather is a small boutique that has a great collection of cards if you forgot a special occasion while enjoying all the sights of Seattle!

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