Pike Place Market is an iconic attraction on the top of almost everyone’s list when visiting Seattle. Once there, however, it can be difficult to know what to do when immersed in the sights and smells of the market. It is sensory overload!

Well don’t worry. We break down the top ten must-sees when visiting the Market. After a great day of exploring, you will leave well-fed, with souvenirs for loved ones, and some great shots to share on your social media accounts.

The Top Ten Must-Sees

1) The [almost] first Starbucks: While this may be a little cliché, you have to visit the almost first Starbucks store and pick up an exclusive souvenir travel mug while you’re there! The actual first Starbucks opened a block north in 1971, but moved to the Pike Place location (102 Pike Street) in 1975.

2) Main Arcade: This is the main section of the Market and is full of items to peruse. Make sure to grab a flower bouquet. Even if you only have a few days to enjoy them, you can pick up a beautiful mix for less than $10.

3) Craft Booths: Pick up a local handcrafted gift for a loved one at the one of the craft booths located at the north end of the Main Arcade.

4) Rachel the Piggy Bank: This iconic statue is located under the red Public Market Center sign at the entrance on First and Pike and is one of the most captured shots at the Market.

5) Pike Place Fish: You cannot visit Pike Place Market and not take a few live-action shots of fresh fish being tossed around like the scene in [insert your favorite Seattle based film here]. If you need to know where to find it just look for Rachel the Piggy Bank. The fish will be flying in the stands right behind her.

6) The Gum Wall: Whether you think it is super cool or super gross, you have to visit “The Gum Wall” along Lower Post Alley. Add a piece of colorful gum to the wall or just take a picture. Either way the Gum Wall is not to be missed!

7) Pike Place Market Front: Find the best view of Elliot Bay and Mount Rainier on the bridge at this new section of the Market newly opened in 2017. The entrance is at the cross section of Stewart and Pike Place.

8) Sur La Table: While Sur La Table is a well-known chain, it actually started in Pike Place Market so it is worth a visit (on Pine Street between First Ave and Pike Place).

9) Pike Place Chowder: You will have to wait in line but it will be worth it to try Seattle’s award-winning chowder named America’s #1 and Seattle’s Best by Hall of Fame Chowder Cafés. Located at 1530 Post Alley.

10) Beecher’s Handmade Cheese: Enjoy views of cheese-making while trying one of the best mac ‘n’ cheeses you can find anywhere. Located at 1600 Pike Place.

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