Bring out your inner adventurer at attractions for the bold

Tampa Bay is anything but dull. A vacation here means heart-pumping adventure for the whole family. Buckle up and explore a diverse range of rush-inducing opportunities—from screaming coasters to up-close animal encounters—that only Tampa Bay can turn up to 11.

Radical roller coasters
You dangle precariously over a 90-degree drop, staring anxiously at the ground 200 feet below. Then, whoosh! You’re rocketing to earth at 70 mph down the rails of SheiKra, a floorless dive coaster at Busch Gardens® Tampa Bay that takes you for a loop and through an underwater tunnel before a surprising splash. If you love the fear factor of SheiKra’s plunge, you’ll also feel exhilarated on other intense coaster experiences, like the serpentine tracks of Cobra’s Curse. Riders still get a rush by moving backward, forward and spinning randomly, with no two spins alike between rides.

Swimming with sharks
Is it the razor sharp teeth, the ice-cold stare or the sheer size of sharks that send shivers down our spines? Movies are enough to terrify, but imagine watching a 9-foot shark swim toward you in the water in real life. Are you still breathing? Dive into the 500,000-gallon Coral Reef Exhibit at the Florida Aquarium to come face-to-face with these predators of the deep (Jaws theme music not included). Not to worry, these guys are well fed. In fact, once you swim alongside sharks, moray eels and other sea creatures, you might discover that they aren’t so bad.

Skydiving (without a parachute)
Have you ever felt the thrill of freefall? The swoosh of the wind, the weightlessness, the support of a smooth cushion of air as you stream through the air. It’s a dare against your inner voice of reason that causes a high unlike any other. iFly Tampa serves up this surge of freedom—no plane required. Used by experienced skydivers as well as first-timers, iFly’s vertical wind tunnel simulates the incomparable feeling of a spread-eagle free fall. Flight instructors guide you every step of the way, and if you dare, they’ll spin you high in the wind tunnel.

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