If on your next trip your goal is to know the La Redonda Vineyards, or you are simply looking for what to do in Querétaro, do not miss the opportunity to know this incredible place where excellent Mexican wine is produced.

It would be best to stay near the vineyards, there are very good lodging options in Querétaro San Juan del Rio for example, which is only 28 minutes from the vineyards. But, even if you have accommodation in Querétaro you have no problem, you will simply be about 50 minutes away, which are well worth it to enjoy the landscape on the road.

La Redonda vineyards, is undoubtedly one of the most famous in Querétaro, are located on Carretera de San Juan del Rio to Ezequiel Montes km 33.5, there is no waste and it is very easy to reach. There you will find parking obviously, a shop, a terrific restaurant (Saturdays and Sundays from 12 to 17 hrs), they have tours in Vinibus or on foot where they tell you everything related to the production of Mexican wine and the history of wine, many spaces to relax and admire the beauty of the vineyards or you can also stay in the areas with umbrellas and have a picnic with tablecloth, wine and delicious cheeses, the place is familiar and pets are also welcome. It is a very nice place and it is easily filled in high season, holidays or bridges, so that you take your precautions and organize yourself to arrive early.

They have approximately 30 or more varieties of wines, some of them with international winners (here you can check all their wines), and they are part of the well-known Queretaro Cheese and Wine Route. In addition to all this, they hold festivals throughout the year with different themes such as: 100 Mexican Wines, Wine Colors Music Fest, Harvest Festival, and Wine Circus, all with different themes, but equally incredible.

If you stay in one of the Hilton family hotels, during any of these events, we have an exclusive VIP lounge for guests or members of the Honors program, in this lounge you can rest, taste your wines, enjoy private tastings, receive Souvenirs, Etc. If you are already convinced and intend to visit them soon, whether you stay in San Juan del Rio or the City of Querétaro, we have options for hotels in San Juan del Rio and also hotels in Querétaro. We have options with breakfast included and all the service, attention and quality backed by Hilton hotels.

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