If you’re envisioning a tropical romantic getaway, or just planning your family summer vacation, Carlisle Bay is sure to prove a dream come true. With crystal clear, warm waters, white sand, and the cool island breeze through the palm trees, Barbados exhibits all the Caribbean’s natural beauty. Besides picturesque scenery, Carlisle Bay has plenty of exciting activities for families and adults alike! Check out some of our recommendations on your next tropical getaway.

Carlisle Bay is home to beautiful clear blue water, white sand and palm trees.

Scuba Diving

Even with no prior scuba diving experience, Barbados Blue Scuba and Water Sports at Hilton Barbados Resort has you covered. Located between the two best dive sites on the island, Barbados Blue either dives with the resident fishing vessels in nearby Carlisle Bay Marine Park, or their dive boat (the fastest in Barbados) along the untouched Atlantic coast. Scuba diving in Carlisle Bay Marine Park will allow you to dive over six shipwrecks in person along with thousands of species of marine life. The Atlantic coast boasts steep topography with underwater cliffs and overhangs. Adrenaline junkies even have the option to swim with sharks!

Jet Blading

Have you ever imagined a future with jetpacks and other cool gadgets we typically only get to see in movies? If so, stop imagining and start experiencing! While we may not have real jetpacks for public use available in 2019, we do have jet blading. Using a jet of intense water pressure, jet blading allows you to be shot up to 15 meters into the air and hover (or dive) as much as you’d like, much like a jetpack. Instead of wearing a backpack however, your feet are inside boots attached to a small board, which is water-powered by a jet-ski.

A popular activity in Barbados is swimming with sea turtles.

Swimming With Sea Turtles

Also available at Barbados Blue Scuba and Water Sports at Hilton Barbados Resort, enjoy the once-in-a-lifetime experience of swimming with sea turtles! The turtles are used to interacting with humans, so there’s no concern with disrupting them so long as you’re respecting them and considerate of their habitat. If you’re a lover of these graceful and mellow creatures, take a plunge into adventure and come face to shell with the beautiful wildlife of Barbados. It’s a story you would likely brag about for the rest of your life.

Agapey Chocolate Factory

Did you know that most of the best cocoa beans in the world are grown in the Caribbean? The perfect activity for rainy days or chocolate connoisseurs alike, indulge in a decadent tour of the Agapey Chocolate factory. Complete with a guided tour, free chocolate and agave samples, a walkthrough of the process from bean to bar, and a detailed history, any chocolate lover is sure to be beyond obsessed with the experience.

Mt. Gay Rum Tasting Tour

After 310 years of craftsmanship, the world’s oldest rum was finally perfected. Mount Gay Rum has been distilled on the island since 1703, when a local discovered how to create liquor from local molasses. So, where better for a rum tasting than the birthplace of one of the most popular names behind the spirit? Step into the Mt. Gay visitor center and become a part of the over 300 year old story. Sample the different flavors of delicious rum or add in a workshop to teach you how to concoct your favorite rum cocktails all on your own!

Fishing Charter

For avid fishermen and novices alike, do as the locals do and go fishing! Just off the coast of Barbados, the ocean floor drops to depths suitable for marlin, yellowfin tuna, and mahi mahi. Because of this, you don’t need to go very far from shore to fully experience fishing as the Barbadians do. If you’ve never fished before but would like to try it, don’t worry, there are plenty of fish of all sizes in the sea. Not to mention, at most charters, the workers accompanying you on the boat are expert fishermen boasting multiple prized catches who are very happy to teach you.

You can catch those Barbados waves at a surfing class.

Take a Surfing Class

If you’ve ever taken an interest in learning how to surf but never really had the opportunity, this is your time to ride the wave. As a beginner, you will likely still be able to stand up on your surfboard the very first time you try it. Glide over the crystal clear waters of Barbados for one of the most relaxing, de-stressing pastimes to Barbadians and others alike. The best surfing conditions are usually at low tide, but waves perfectly suitable for surfing can be found in beaches all around the island. If you’re a beginner, be sure to learn from somebody experienced (like surf school) to avoid injury.

From diving over reefs with sea turtles to learning something new, all while sipping (plenty) of tropical rum cocktails, boredom on a trip to Barbados is nearly impossible. Packed with island adventure and balanced with ultimate relaxation, find out what Barbados has to offer on your next tropical vacation. You’ll find warmth in not just the sun, but the culture of the locals alike. It truly is the white-sand tropical paradise you thought only existed in your dreams.

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