If you are looking for places to spend a few days or even where to go for a weekend, we recommend you consider the tourist spots near Querétaro. From Querétaro you can visit magical towns that offer you the perfect place to distract you and also make for the perfect day trip so you’re able to return to Querétaro as your home base. We invite you to stay in any of our hotels: Doubletree by Hilton Hotel Querétaro, Hampton Inn by Hilton Querétaro Tecnologico, Hilton Garden Inn Querétaro, Homewood Suites by Hilton Querétaro, where we will take care of every detail so you can enjoy your vacation, as you deserve to, and experience the very best the destination has to offer.

San Juan del Rio 

If you’re looking for a weeklong getaway to a nearby place in order to clear your mind and get out of the routine, we have the ideal recommendation. San Juan del Río is located one hour from Santiago de Querétaro and hosts cultural and fun activities. For your convenience, ask the concierge desk at any of our hotels to help you book and confirm your weekend stay at the Hampton Inn by Hilton San Juan del Rio. This city is the second most important in Querétaro and currently an industrial center. You will love its climate and its hot springs where you can choose between the Santa Monica Spa, the Lagunillas Spa “La Bombita” or the San Pedro Spa.

You can also admire several historical monuments that revolutionaries, emperors, independence heroes and viceroys passed through. Meet the Portal of Tithing, where taxes were collected by the Spanish Crown and the Old Jail. In front of the Portal you will find the Garden of the Family, the first garden of the municipality. Of course, the Museum of Death is a mandatory stop that you cannot miss during your visit. This museum is located in a colonial building that was once the Cemetery of Santa Veracruz. Nothing like a pantheon to give atmosphere to a museum that focuses on the issue of death. This is an experience without comparison, and it will surely leave you with the creeps.

On your tour, be sure to include stops at the Cerro and Barrio de la Cruz, ancient centers of worship, and the Bridge of History, which is now a good place to walk and spend an afternoon with your family. The gardens of the Plaza de la Independencia are a beautiful place to have a coffee or eat a candy. On weekends you can entertain yourself with the traditional music that comes from the Plaza de los Fundadores. You can also visit temples and chapels and be amazed by its beautiful architecture. Enjoy a mass at the Parish of San Juan Bautista, the Diocesan Sanctuary of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the Temple of the Lord Sacromonte or the Temple of Santo Domingo.

In San Juan del Río you can enjoy blissful walks through the countryside. Both the Paseo del Río or Paseo de los Abuelos are ideal for those who love exercising outdoors. In the Parque de los Guzmán you can indulge in delicious meat feast cooked with charcoal. Take the opportunity to savor a Mexican craft beer and you can also visit the Cervecería Primus. You will also get a taste of adventure tourism in this beautiful place. From rappelling, zip-lining, biking and archery, you can get to do any and all of this while passing through this unique and fun town. Visit Cava 57 or Coto Camp to connect with nature and breathe clean, pure air, and clear your mind of any worries.

This city offers various entertainment venues, including bars, canteens, discos and even karaoke. Rio Malta Tapas Bar, La Condesa Bar, La Cima, El Casino and La Covacha are traditional bars and canteens where you can have a few drinks, dig into  some wings and chat with your friends. Only good times await you in San Juan del Río.

Amealco Bonfil 

One hour from San Juan del Río you have the chance to visit another magical town: Amealco Bonfil. Here you will enjoy ecotourism in the Cerro los Gallos Recreational Park with zip lines and suspension bridges, hiking and four-wheelers. You can also practice mountain biking in the Servín Lagoon, La Beata or El Aserrín. Surely you will also enjoy the Museum of the Handmade Doll, where you can take the opportunity to buy a couple of dolls as souvenirs or gifts. Inside the house of this museum you will understand why it has become so famous for its paleontological remains, including Mammoth Fangs that are more than 10 thousand years old.

The imposing Parish of Santa María will dazzle you, but what will arouse your interests the most is to find out that it is astronomically aligned in the form of a cross. You can also visit the ruins of the San Ildefonso Tutlepec Ancient Temple or learn and appreciate the past at the Nt’okwä Indigenous Community Museum.

Arroyo Seco

Four hours from Santiago de Querétaro you will run into Arroyo Seco. An other-worldly town known for being surrounded by rivers: Río Panuco and Río Concá, the tributary of the Santa María River. And where there is water, there is life, so you can only imagine the abundant vegetation and nature of this place. For this reason alone you should put it on your list. That is why it should not surprise you that it is one of the 11 core areas of the Sierra Gorda biosphere reserve. In Las Adjuntas you can see the confluence of the Auytla River and the Santa María. Admire the mission of San Miguel Concá and ask the Millennium Tree for wisdom and luck.

Cadereyta de Montes

The Magic Town of Cadereyta de Montes was inhabited by Chichimecas and is the entrance to the Sierra Gorda. Here you can enjoy water activities, especially fishing, in the Zimapán Dam, which is the natural limit between the states of Hidalgo and Querétaro. Inside the reservoir is the Island, an ecotourism camp. In Quinta Fernando Schmoll and Botanical Garden you can see the semi-arid vegetation characteristic of the region. When leaving the garden, take the opportunity to visit the Pilancón, which was an aqueduct and is surrounded by four fountains.

Be sure to visit the Velo de Novia, El Salto and Chuveje waterfalls where you can appreciate the mixture of pine trees with the semi-desert, simply beautiful! La Esperanza and los Piñones are caves where you can observe the rock formations and the way the sun lights up the water. You can also tour the center of this town and visit its main square. Be sure to visit the Parish of San Pedro and San Pablo and La Soledad here. Tour the Cadereyta City Hall Museum where you will find a replica of the Pepita Mummy, which is of a two-year-old Chichimeca girl and estimated to be the oldest mummy in Mexico.

Pinal de Amoles

About two and a half hours from Santiago de Querétaro is the magical town of Pinal de Amoles. It is a chilly town given its proximity to the Sierra Gorda. When you hear reference to the “Puerta del Cielo,” they are talking about the highest point of the road indicative of the entrance to the Sierra Gorda. Don’t miss your chance for an unforgettable selfie at the Mirador de Cuatro Palos, from which you can see the Crescent Hill and in the distance the Bernal Rock. Can you imagine a medieval castle in a Mexican town? Well then you have to visit the Bucareli Convent. If you are looking for something more adventurous, go hiking or mountain biking through the Gotera Canyon. Appreciate the greatness of Nature in the Puente de Dios cave and its waterfalls, and if simply walk a little further, you will reach the Angostura Canyon. Listen to the macaws at dawn or practice rappelling in the El Infiernillo Canyon and explore the Cave of the Riscos. Put on your swimsuit and invite your friends to walk along the Escanela River, to complete this adventure.


Go to the place “where the tulle is cut” almost an hour and a half from Santiago de Querétaro. The magical town of Tolimán has more than 250 Otomi chapels from the 18th century. It is worth visiting the Temple of San Pedro, the Chapel of San Miguel, the Temple of San Pablo, the Clock Building and the Castalia Fountain. Here you can find a strong relationship between religion and nature, which is traced to the Otomí-Chichimeca communities. For this reason it was awarded the title of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

As you can see, when you arrive in Querétaro you don’t only have endless options when talking about places to stay, including the Doubletree by Hilton Hotel Querétaro, Hampton Inn by Hilton Querétaro Tecnologico, Hilton Garden Inn Querétaro, Homewood Suites by Hilton Querétaro, but you also have a variety of tourist destinations near Querétaro that give you the chance to enjoy weekend escapes that offer you unique experiences for disconnecting and getting even more immersed in Mexican culture.

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