Are you a history buff? A lover of battles and wars or consider yourself a military strategist at heart or simply a diehard fan of Latin American culture and history, then, the city of Puebla is a place you should not miss. There you can find the Loreto and Guadalupe forts, also known as the forts of Puebla, which play a very important part of Mexico’s historical heritage. To help you plan your visit, we invite you to stay and enjoy the luxurious and comfortable Hilton Garden Inn Hotel Puebla Angelópolis Mexico, which offers easy access to the Metropolitan Auditorium and the Angelópolis Shopping Center among other attractions, as well as an excellent Mexican culinary experience.

The Loreto and Guadalupe forts in Puebla are located on the Acueyametepec hill, and they date back to the 19th century, when they served as the backdrop to the battle and siege of Puebla. The Battle of Puebla was the historical confrontation between Mexico and France, which occurred on May 5, 1862, and where the Mexicans were ultimately victorious. An interesting tidbit is that Cinco de Mayo – May 5th – which is widely celebrated in the United States as well as other countries of the world is a day to celebrate Mexican culture and in fact commemorates the Battle of Puebla.

There is also the Siege of Puebla, which refers to the 72 days of clashes that occurred between March and May 1863 and resulted in the defeat of the Mexican army by the French forces. Both events are pivotal milestones in Mexico’s history and you can learn more about them by touring the various landmarks in all their glory.

The forts are structures composed by a chapel, the chaplain’s house and barracks. Despite the fact that the chapels were converted into military buildings, their architecture is impressive and imposing. When walking through them you will feel transported to the past, where you will feel the great strength hidden inside this enclosure and you can breathe the very essence of Mexican patriotism. These forts represented the entrance or gateway to Mexico, and had the Mexicans been defeated, the French forces would have continued on their way to Mexico City, which is why the Siege of Puebla and the Battle of Puebla signify much more than a simple victory against an enemy. This is also why this area is all about Mexican pride and military prowess. Once you’ve experienced it, you will have witnessed the revolutionary and persevering Mexican spirit firsthand.

As you travel through these forts, you transport yourself to another era. You connect with the spirit of the Mexican revolution which strived to free an entire country against conquest and colonialism and achieve independence creating a culture, which today is known as Mexico.

Each fort has its own museum with interesting historical details, objects and weapons on display. In Loreto, the circular bastions and lack of a moat are quite characteristic, while Guadalupe has two small bulwarks and is completely surrounded by water. It is quite curious to see what the different armies wore, from independence to the restoration of the republic. After the Siege of Puebla, the Fort of Guadalupe was destroyed and, currently, the Historic Monument of Guadalupe is under restoration. You can also visit a monument with the remains of Ignacio Zaragosa, the Mexican General who led the victory of the Battle of Puebla.

It is inevitable to relive the past when making this journey, to question the actions of each party involved, and to appreciate the military strategies that were put into action. At the same time, it is difficult to imagine a bloody conflict under the clear and sunny blue sky of Puebla today, but what is certain is that you will enjoy a unique historical tour.

Nestled between both forts you will come upon a beautiful park where you can kick back and hang out with family and friends, have a picnic or simply enjoy the outdoors. Here you will also stumble upon the Regional Museum of Puebla, Imagine Interactive Museum and the Planetarium. If you are not afraid of heights and are eager to find the best spot to take a selfie, from the forts you can hop on the Puebla Cable Car. When visiting the forts of Puebla, you will be submerged into a full day of learning while exploring and discovering everything this magical and historical place has to offer.

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