Everyone has heard about the wonders of Puerto Vallarta, and it is not surprising at all since so much magic envelops this wonderful and romantic place, where love is felt and sensed around every corner. The perfect combination of paradisiacal landscapes with delightful sea breezes has made it a favorite location for destination weddings. It is fashionable to marry in unique, exotic and unconventional places to enhance the experience for the bride and groom, and especially meaningful as it gives them an opportunity to turn their wedding into a beautiful holiday for their guests. If you are looking for a memorable destination, Puerto Vallarta is the place for you. Whether to have a beach wedding in Puerto Vallarta or if you are looking for a more private experience, it is important that you know all your options. In order to help you, we have thought about the different types of places Puerto Vallarta offers to celebrate your special day.

Jardin Botanico de Vallarta 

Flowers are an essential element in any wedding and Mexico is known for its diversity of orchids. Apart from their lush colors and a touch of sophistication they bring to any setting, they say that orchids are flowers that attract love and good luck. So, if you love flowers, and especially orchids, think no more, it is your destiny to marry in Jardín Botánico de Vallarta. In addition to the botanical collections, the Garden offers various packages that include the Our Lady of the Garden Chapel and Patio de la Hacienda de Oro to make your wedding a shower of flowers.

Event Spaces 

You can also find event spaces for gathering your family and friends to witness this great moment. These offer you services that cover everything from music to glassware so you don’t have to move a finger. La Gran Terraza offers you a beautiful and spacious garden for an outdoor wedding, while the modern and elegant Salón Elite offers you a main hall, terrace and a children’s area for what will become the celebration of your life.


More and more people are looking for a private and intimate location, full of nature and with landscapes that evoke beauty and elegance but also easy to access, where everything can be done in one place to avoid transfers and complications. If this is more or less what you want, we recommend you consider getting married in a villa. Keep in mind that these villas are farms with a capacity for up to 20 people, so they are ideal for small groups. Villas Mandarinas, Villa Estrella Mar, Villa Verde and Caza Azul Profundo are some that might interest you.

Hilton Puerto Vallarta Resort

If you are more traditional, the all-inclusive Hilton Puerto Vallarta Resort offers both outdoor and closed spaces for your wedding day, as well as the flexibility of a wedding for large or small groups. In fact, we recommend the hotel terrace, which has a beautiful and unforgettable view. The Hilton hotel offers you the special touch and good taste you are seeking on this day, taking care of you and your loved ones throughout the process to ensure all your expectations are exceeded for your dream wedding so you don’t have a care in the world when it comes time to say “I do.” In addition, you can even coordinate a spa-style bachelorette party, enjoy its world-renowned cuisine and the comfort and luxury you deserve.

If you are planning a civil ceremony or a church wedding, something on the beach or in a garden, Puerto Vallarta has an endless number of locations that will make it possible to have the wedding of your dreams. In addition, your family and friends will be eternally grateful for the opportunity to celebrate with you in this heavenly destination. Whether you plan to have your wedding at a Hilton property or choose to host your guests, we look forward to the chance to take care of every detail so that you can concentrate on what is really important, to cherish your wedding day as you always dreamed.

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