One of our family’s favorite activities in Aruba is the Butterfly Farm. The Aruba Butterfly Farm is located on Palm Beach and is an easy 15-minute stroll from Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort & Casino. Once you arrive, you can purchase your tickets onsite at the gift shop. You will be escorted into the butterfly farm through a series of doors and netting arranged so that no butterflies escape.


Tours run about every 15 minutes, so you will never have to wait long for the next tour. If you have to wait to go on a tour, you are welcome to explore the area for a little bit, and your guide will come and find your group when they are ready for you.

Although the tour is very brief, you do learn quite a bit about the butterfly lifecycle and the species of butterflies that call the Aruba Butterfly Farm home. In residence are two varieties from Aruba and several others from around the world. The farm is separated into smaller ecosystem sections that mimic the climate and foliage of their home territories. The lesson was very educational, taught in terms that kids could easily understand, and definitely kept their attention.

It was very interesting to see the the larvae and chrysalis of each type of butterfly. Our tour guide unpinned several of the chrysalis from the hatching box so that my kids could observe them closely. We even saw two Monarch butterflies unfold their wings and fly away for the first time!

Your guide will also inform you of this, but the best way to see the butterflies is to sit very quietly on one of the many benches around the farm. If you’re very still, a butterfly may even land on you. Wearing brightly colored clothing also helps to attract them.

My kids marveled at how the tropical Blue Morpho butterfly blends in with its surroundings with its wings closed but has beautiful iridescent blue color when they open. Our guide informed us that the color is not actually blue but appears as such because the sky is reflected on the scales of their wings.

Throughout the lush garden landscape, you will find areas set out with butterfly food, and you can watch them drink nectar from fruit and flowers. There is also a Koi pond and fountain that really add to the tranquil atmosphere. There is plenty of shade, and the Aruba Butterfly Farm is an activity that you can do even in the afternoon without the temperature being too much to bear.


Something new that we noticed on this year’s trip was the addition of a crepe stand at the entrance of the gift shop. On our way out, we ordered a rosemary cheddar crepe and chatted with the gentleman at the crepe stand while he prepared our order. We were really surprised to hear that you are allowed to enjoy your crepe and coffee in the exhibit. If there is a more wonderful way to enjoy a Caribbean morning than eating crepes while watching butterflies, I have not yet encountered it.

I recommend planning your family’s visit to the Butterfly Farm at the beginning of your vacation because your admission price includes as many visits as you want during your current stay in Aruba. You may want to come back at a different time of the day to get a different experience. If you come early in the morning, you can see the butterflies emerging from the chrysalis. The butterfly farm is a marvelous sight in the morning, with butterflies chasing each other and exploring their surroundings.

If you come in the afternoon, you will see much less butterfly activity because they have eaten and are resting. You may not see as many butterflies flying about, but you will have a better chances for catching some great close up photos of butterflies perched on the foliage.

The Aruba Butterfly Farm is a great way to fit a little bit of nature and education into a fun beach vacation. I hope you will check it out on your next Aruba vacation!

This article was originally published by Hilton Mom Voyage.

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