Besides being a country plenty of culture and traditions, Mexico is full of life and color. If you want to witness this wealth and enjoy a weekend connected with nature, escape to the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve (Reserva de la Biósfera de la Mariposa Monarca), that is no more than two hours away from Mexico City.

Near to the Mexican capital there is a huge wooded area known as Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve, a green region with sanctuaries exclusively dedicated to the contemplation and conservation of this species, during its hibernation.

From the second half of November until the beginning of March, this beautiful place, located in the mountains of the states of Mexico and Michoacán, can be explored by foot or horse riding. The route is long, so be prepared: you will travel in complete silence, through large extensions of conifers, fountains and a kaleidoscope of orange wings you will surely fall in love with at first sight.

There are three sanctuaries located in the State of Mexico: Santuario Ejido El Capulín, Santuario La Mesa y Santuario Piedra Herrada. The first two are located in the mountains of the natural reserve, while Santuario Piedra Herrada is at the foot of Nevado de Toluca, an imposing volcano that frames the landscape.

Either if you decide to get along with a tour or walk on your own, to fully enjoy the crossing you must arrive at the sanctuary in the morning, when the sun rays just pass through the foliage and create a magical effect that illuminates the clusters of butterflies that rest on the trees.

Once inside the sanctuary, the spectacle has no comparison. Sometimes, the amount of butterflies is so huge, that the branches break easily. This phenomenon is of unique beauty because, when the limbs bend, hundreds of butterflies lift the flight and reflect the sunlight, creating a mosaic of orange tones.

When you finish the tour, and to add flavor to your experience, you can visit two other incredible destinations nearby the area: Valle de Bravo, a magical town with cobbled streets and colorful facades, or the Jardín Botánico Cosmovitral, an architectonic jewel in the city of Toluca.

Mexico is a country full of marvelous destinations, so if you plan to enjoy a unique stay during your winter holidays, book the best lodging, and enjoy the surroundings of Mexico City.

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