Canada offers a wide variety of unmatched fishing destinations. Did you know Canada has over two million lakes within its borders? That’s about 9 percent of its land mass, making Canada the country with the most lakes in the world!

Whether it’s the pristine waters of the country’s northern lakes, the exciting ocean fishing on the east and west coast or the fast-flowing waters of the prairie rivers, Canada offers a multitude of destinations whose beauty and mystery will be imprinted on their visitors.

If you are considering a fishing trip, here is a list of some of Canada’s best fishing spots and prepare to take the plunge.

Fraser River-British Columbia

Spanning 1400km, with breathtaking scenery this river is the longest in British Columbia. Fraser River is known for its unparalleled Salmon fishing and the world’s largest Salmon migration occurs in these waters. Sturgeon fishing is also a big draw to Fraser River. Don’t miss out on your chance to get your hands on these giant, prehistoric fish.

Red River-Manitoba

If you’re looking for a unique challenge, try your hand at catfish angling and Red River is the perfect place to do it. The average catfish weighs 15 pounds but can go up to 40 pounds. Landing one of these creatures is not for the faint of heart so if you’re up for the challenge this is the place to be.

North Lake-Prince Edward Island

Many call this destination the “Tuna Capital of the World”. It may sound bold, but these waters yield 600-1200 lbs of Bluefins consistently. If you have the patience and are ready for a challenge, this is the place for you.

Bow River-Alberta

The lower stretch of this river consists of 55 kilometres of nutrient-rich water that is renowned for its abundant numbers of trophy-sized rainbows and browns. The Bow River can be fished all year round, but peak season is from Mid-May through mid-to-late October.

Mississauga, Lake Ontario-Ontario

Known for Coho & Chinook Salmon, Steelhead, Brown and Lake Trout, these waters are best May through October. Despite being an unlikely location, fish are as varied and abundant as you can find in the entire country. Salmon fishing in Lake Ontario draws thousands of avid anglers to this area year after year. Tournaments like the Great Ontario Salmon derby add to the excitement.

Bay of Quinte-Ontario

These waters provide both novice and professional anglers with some of the best fishing in Ontario. The autumn and winter migration of walleye to the Bay of Quite has caused the area to be nicknames the walleye capital of the world. You can also find an abundance of great pickerel, salmon, pike, trout, perch and bass.

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