When booking a trip, most travelers research the perks and bonuses that come along with their hotel stay. Some hotels have amenities that even seasoned travelers wouldn’t know about unless they have experience them first hand. The bonuses range in type from one-of-a-kind experiences to amazing take home goodies which often reflect the local culture in a unique way. Think of bee keeping, tea parties, theatrical performances and Swedish après ski bar.

Some hotels have really gone out of their way to create an exclusive experience for their guests. Here is a list of a few hotel amenities you’ve probably never heard of!

DoubleTree West Edmonton

Food is comfort. But, the culinary experience at the Mayfield Dinner Theatre is out of this world. Each season they have five shows ranging from Musical Reviews, Comedies, Drama and their world-famous Musicals. Their talented cast and crew bring classic tales and modern musicals to life while their team of expert chefs provide a delicious buffet of culinary delights. No matter what, you are guaranteed a memorable experience!

Homewood Suites Waterloo/St. Jacobs

Cup of tea anyone? Inside this hotel, you’ll find a serene and modern tea room, staying true to their rural and homey fare. Indulge in a selection of finger sandwiches, scones, locally sourced macarons, lemon squares, mini cakes and of course the star of the show TEA!

DoubleTree Victoria

This hotel makes getting around the city a breeze. Experience the ultimate convenience and travel around the city in style in a Toyota Prius or Solo Electric Car. The one-seat car has a 160-kilometre range on a single charge meaning you can explore all day and return to your hotel without a hitch. Your rental car is waiting for you at check-in

Hilton Whistler

Whistler’s most famous and chaotic après scene is an indoor/outdoor bash every Tuesday at the Cinnamon Bear! Known for its banding music featuring DJs and Bands, often imported from Sweden, costumes, Swedish meatballs, drink specials and general silliness. Be advised, this après is popular and 2-hour line ups are not uncommon.

Hilton Toronto

Experience the sophistication of Level Two when you book your stay at this hotel. This second story rooftop terrace gives you a sense of being in the city rather than above it. Inspired by fresh, locally sourced produce and protein, sustainable seafood and foraged gems from independent purveyors, guests will be treated to a unique dining experience. Relax and take a load off at the pool or lounge around in the cabanas.

Hilton Garden Inn Ottawa Airport

This hotel is buzzing with excitement. And we mean literally buzzing. The star feature of this hotel is a rooftop garden with an apiary. That’s right, 40,000 roof top bees. So, if you’re in the mood for something sweet, head to the lobby and purchase some of their honey. Local, healthy, unpasteurized deliciousness is waiting for you.

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