Along with vacation planning comes vacation daydreaming. Fantasizing about the beach, the pool, the warm weather and the sun are not uncommon when it comes to Caribbean vacations. However, one of the best things to look forward to when traveling to a new place is the food: the new flavors of exotic cuisines one’s going to try can truly keep a foodie up at night. If you’re planning to visit the Dominican Republic, there is so much to look forward to, especially when it comes to food. The cuisine of this nation was built on influences from the Spanish, the African and the native Indian populations, creating a delicious blend of flavorsome food. We bring you here the best restaurants in Santo Domingo to indulge your taste buds.

A visit to the Dominican Republic implies eating some of the most delicious food in the Caribbean.

El Conuco

One of the best things to do when visiting a new place is heading over to a local restaurant, with authentic food. El Conuco is exactly the place for that. Located in the area called La Primavera, this restaurant resembles a classic Dominican town. You will get to taste authentic food such as tostones, la bandera and churrasco. To top it off, the atmosphere is incredible, you can feel the positive energy of the staff, there’s bachata and merengue music, and the place is decorated in a very representative way with the Dominican flag and other national elements. In terms of price range, it is considered between a low and medium range restaurant.

Adrian Tropical

Another great option when it comes to authentic Dominican dining is Adrian Tropical. Here you will get to try dishes such as sancocho, arroz con pollo, guinea guisada and pudín de pan that are pretty representative of the Dominican Republic. Although there are various locations of this restaurant, we recommend the Adrian Malecón, which is located right off George Washington Avenue, along the beach. The big plus of this location is the views toward the ocean when you sit outside. Delicious food and stunning views of the Caribbean ocean makes the perfect combination for a happy time. This restaurant, like the above, is located at La Primavera neighborhood, pretty close to downtown Santo Domingo.


It may sound impossible for a place to feel at home when you’re a foreigner. However, Jalao gives such a warm welcome, full of color and taste, that it creates this effect among Dominicans and foreigners alike. This culture rich restaurant offers delicious Dominican cuisine and also hosts live musical performances from local artists. Bachata, merengue, and salsa music hype up the environment, making it a fun location to grab some lunch or dinner. The place is eclectically decorated with neon lights and artisan art. The place truly has its own personality and the majority of visitors end up loving the experience. You can find Jalao at the Zona Colonial, the neighborhood known for being the oldest permanent European settlement in the Americas. Definitely worth a visit!


For those special, more glamorous occasions, Filigrana is the place to go. This upscale restaurant mixes the best of Mediterranean cuisine with some of the best local flavors, offering delicious and unique dishes. This restaurant is ranked as one of the top ones in the Dominican nation, making it quite important for those bucket list chasers. Service is excellent, the quality is magnificent and the views from the restaurant to the Caribbean sea are absolutely stunning. Perhaps a romantic dinner date, or a special birthday celebration could be great motives to eat at Filigrana. It is located in the San Gerónimo neighborhood, off the coast facing the ocean.

With multiple options to choose from, there is no doubt Santo Domingo has an outstanding food scene. These restaurants are located in the areas of La Primavera, Zona Colonial and San Gerónimo. Fortunately, all of them are pretty close to Embassy Suites by Hilton Santo Domingo, where a quick 10 to 20 minute car ride will get you to all these places. Learn more about Embassy Suites by Hilton Santo Domingo and the Dominican Republic here.

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