There are plenty of reasons why a destination wedding is an attractive option. For starters, it’s a chance to plan a celebration away from home, in a dream location, so you and your guests can come together not only for your special day but also make a vacation out of it. And when you think of a destination wedding, there is nothing more appealing or alluring than the possibility of a beach wedding, with the backdrop of blue water, ocean breeze and sand beneath your toes. This is why Cancun and Riviera Maya have exploded as some of the most coveted and sought-after destinations for a wedding. With its central location – an easy trip for those traveling from the United States or those coming from South America – great weather, general affordability and plethora of attractions and options within a short distance, Cancun and the Riviera Maya are definitely worth considering when planning your wedding.

Given the mesmerizing stretches of coastline and the different beach options across Cancun and the Riviera Maya, there’s plenty to choose from when scouting the perfect spot for your “I-dos.” All-inclusive options offered by hotels or resorts works for some. However, more and more couples are looking for off-the-beaten-path locations that go beyond the tried and true and can offer something unexpected and magical, unique to this corner of the Yucatan Peninsula. If you’re looking for something different, you can stay at the Hampton Inn or the Hilton in Playa del Carmen, while planning your dream wedding in a unique and different setting, ideal for celebrating this important milestone.

Ocean Weddings offers a secluded garden setting with an unparalleled view of Isla Mujeres Bay, the Riviera Maya, as well as the backdrop of Cancun’s unique skyline. The venue is special because it works for daytime as well as nighttime, offering a precious outdoor experience unlike any other. Ocean Weddings is also celebrated for its various convenience factors, especially for those out-of-towners who may be visiting Cancun for the first time. Besides being just a mere 10-minute drive north of the center of Cancun and only 20 minutes from the airport, the venue allows guests to plan their special day with the greatest ease and with extraordinary freedom. From unlimited hours and no fee for bringing in outside vendors, Ocean Weddings is an incredible option as a wedding venue.

Known as an idyllic “beach club,” Ammarisis any bride or groom’s dream. Located on Petempich Bay, the venue is only 20 minutes away from the heart of Cancun and a 35-minute drive from Playa del Carmen. Consistently ranked among the top exclusive and private locations for weddings along Mexico’s coastline, Ammaris boasts so many draws that make it an unrivaled and adored venue. With more than 50 meters of pristine beach for your beach wedding, Ammaris is perfectly situated in the heart of the Riviera Maya, with plenty of lodging options for guests in the vicinity. As to what appeals to couples as they plan their big day, there’s no question that the no-fee policy for outside vendors is a big draw, as well as the various locations on the property that can be used for the ceremony, reception and unforgettable pictures. Ammaris is also one of the few locations in the Riviera Maya that has its own Catholic chapel.

For something a little unexpected for a destination wedding, offering something just as intimate yet personal,Dream Events by Marina Chac Chi is a charming option for couples. As one of the very few yacht clubs located on the ocean side of the Cancun’s famed hotel zone, Chac Chi Marina is a gem that very few people know about. Just a few minutes away from downtown Cancun, the venue offers a plethora of indoor and outdoor options for couples and their guests, with the enchanting backdrop of the marina’s large vessels and Cancun’s enchanting blue waters. Chac Chi has a second-floor terrace with a capacity for 120 people, a roofed palapa-type area with extraordinary views, a private beach that can accommodate up to 350 guests, and the on-premises Cocos and Grill Restaurant is well known for its signature Caribbean cuisine.

Both Cancún and the Riviera Maya offer a variety of options for couples looking to begin a life together. You will surely find the perfect destination for your dream wedding in this paradise in the Yucatan peninsula, all you have to do is look for it.

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