November 30th marks Barbados’ 53rd year of independence. First settled by British colonists in the mid 1600s, Barbados had been under subsequent rule by Britain until as recently as 1966. This national holiday on the island is not taken lightly, as you’ll find independence celebrations ensuing throughout the entire month of November. Read on for our guide to celebrating Barbados Independence Day!

Hilton Barbados Resort

Where to Stay

Centrally located in Bridgetown, Barbados’ capital city, Hilton Barbados Resort boasts easy accessibility to downtown and sweeping ocean views. Each November 30th, the official Independence Day grand parade is held at the Garrison Savannah racecourse, a short 5 minute drive away from Hilton Barbados Resort. The site is the home of the original celebration of the Barbados independence order in 1966, and is just one of the many highlights of this festive holiday.

What to Do

In Barbados, the entire month of November is dedicated to celebrating the “Spirit of Independence,” meaning there are no shortage of commemorative activities and things to do in observance of Barbados’ independence.The month kicks off with the Independence Lighting Ceremony of the island’s major governmental buildings.  Upon nightfall head downtown, where you’ll find iconic structures such as the Parliament Buildings, Independence Square and Independence Arch lit up and decorated in the island’s national colors, gold and blue.

Parliament Building, Bridgetown

Throughout the month, you’ll find various sporting competitions, religious services, talent shows and performances, such as the Spirit of the Nation Show. Coinciding with independence month each year is the National Independence Festival of Creative Arts. NIFCA is an incredible opportunity for local Barbadians to display their artistic prowess across a variety of artistic mediums including photography, theatre, music, dance, and drama. The festival ends with a gala in honor of the nation’s finalists, celebrating their creativity and work.

On November 30th, do as the local Bajans do and gather your favorite foods and family and have a picnic. No matter how you celebrate Barbados Independence Day, we guarantee it’ll be a joyous experience for the entire family!

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