I was certainly interested when I began my Weekend Like a Local package with the Hilton Hotels in a city I felt I already knew as a “local”… But, when I heard I would be staying in a neighborhood I have yet to explore, I became more excited to begin my stay!

Before I dig into my experience, you must know about this incredible package. “Weekend Like a Local” is the perfect package to get anyone through the colder, and let’s admit, more dull, winter months. This package gives guests the opportunity to see the beauty in cities that are filled with stunning skylines, historic landmarks, adventurous outdoor activities, museums, theaters, dining, nightlife and so much more.

Offering customized itineraries in cities like Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C., each guest can expect to truly experience the chosen city without the hassle of planning. Guest also have their choice of over 140 hotel locations. OH! Did I mention the discounts AND up to 50% off Sunday night stays? Making weekends in the Northeast affordable and accessible. There is no excuse not to take a mini-vaca! I’m providing a link to this package below!

North East Weekend Like a Local.

Back to my 24hrs in Boston.

Cambridge is considered a metropolitan neighborhood of Boston. That being said, I am typically located in the center of it all so I felt I would enjoy this stay more being just outside downtown and able to explore different streets. Turn a corner and a vibe can quickly change. I felt this upon my drive into Cambridge. It gave off hipster vibes with pop up shops, small restaurants and less of a modern city style. In fact I loved this originality.

Before I knew it I had arrived at the Freepoint Hotel (part of the Tapestry Collection by Hilton). This is one of 140 hotels across the North East that is currently offering the Weekend Like a Local package. I enjoyed that I could self park, avoiding valet fees. I actually found what I call “princess parking” right outside the front door so it was perfect. Upon my first impression of walking through the sliding doors, I immediately fell in love with its interior design and natural light streaming in from the floor to ceiling windows that light up the common area.

I was a bit early (per usual) so I took a second to explore. I was pleasantly surprised to see how much space was offered to lounge, dine, or work out of. There was an outside area with an open roof and fire pit for the warmer months. Take a look at all the space offered below:

Photo courtesy Chelsea Roy

Time to go check out the room! As I opened the doors I was delighted to find more natural light that brightly lit the white linens and white wall interior giving a clean modern feel. The room was perfect, offering large closet space, a sitting area, and a bathroom of my dreams of subway tile and REALLY good toiletries (#livingproof shout out!). Admit it, you like it when a hotel offers more than knock off bath products! I quickly dropped my things and headed out the door because as mentioned before, the Weekend Like a Local takes care of all your city outings!

You will not believe what I was about to do. In fact, when I first read my itinerary my “mom mode” kicked in and I thought – this is legal? A few streets down the road a new venue has opened and little to my knowledge this venue was housing a “sporting” practice that has been sweeping our nation recently. That’s right, danger mixed with fun I was going AXE THROWING at Urban Axes!

Dear lord help me and anyone near me when I pick up that thing! I had a couple friends meet me for moral support but after a quick coaching lesson and my first throw, I was obsessed and wanted more! Hilton hit the bullseye with this one!

I soon worked up an appetite with all that spent energy getting out my aggression. More than I thought I had. It was perfect timing as Hilton’s Weekend Like a Local package coordinated dinner plans. All I had to do was get ready and show up! Dinner was reserved at Strega Waterfront. Located in the Seaport district, I loved the location. It was the perfect place to have friends join and so I did. We enjoyed a mature quiet setting that allowed us to relax and delight in delicious dishes and wines. I was actually so grateful to have a moment of relaxation after a long week. This turned out to be the perfect fit! Guests who book the Weekend Like a Local package will receive 15% off their total check when dining at all Strega Locations and Nico. Sundays only.

Up next was bowling! I had indulged in dinner so it was the perfect activity to burn off more energy. Between the axe throwing and ball throwing I was sure to get in an unexpected upper arm work out. More friends joined and before I knew it we were all laughing at just how terrible we truly were!

Kings Dining & Entertainment was packed! I was living off the energy and all the activities you could join in on. Kings Bowling offered not only bowling, but food, drinks, arcade games, air hockey, pool and so much more. It’s true, time does fly when you are having fun. Guests who book the Weekend Like a Local package will receive a $20 gift card to Kings Dining & Entertainment, good for use at 6 Boston area locations. The night came to an end and it was time to rest up for another eventful day with #weekendlikealocal.

Photo courtesy Chelsea Roy

The morning was off to a great start. After quickly packing my belongings which seemed to have just exploded everywhere (not sure how that happened :) ) I was headed to the Hilton Downtown for brunch at Fin Point Oyster Bar and Grill. Holy avocado toast! I had by far the best basic brunch accompanied by a mimosa of course. After all I needed a little liquid courage because on the itinerary was ice skating at Frog Pond. The Hilton Downtown had a second gem within the hotel, Tradesman. After brunch I walked over to check it out!

Tradesman Coffee Shop & Lounge is a coffee shop with a twist. Having a full liquor license you can decide what time of day it is with enjoying a latte or cocktail… or both! Also, while you’re there you need to grab a croissant or pop tart and treat yourself! I loved the vibe in Tradesman. It welcomed you to stay a while, lounge, and decide what type of day you want to have. Tons of space to work and a beautiful bar to enjoy an adult beverage, or three!

Photo courtesy Chelsea Roy

As much as I wanted to stay it was time to walk the freedom trail and get a little light exercising in with ice skating before catching a flight. I have to admit, I have been to Boston many of times but have never slowed down enough to appreciate its historic landmarks. It was such a nice way to begin a new day. The Freedom Trail lead right to Frog Pond, the local ice skating hotspot.

Literally it is always packed!

Ok can we talk about what I look like on skates? Bambi, I look like Bambi. Nothing better than chicken legs sticking out of a giant winter coat so far from gracefully sliding on ice. We’re going to leave it at that. Enjoy a laugh (at yourself) and pretend you’re an Olympic figure skater at Frog Pond located in the Boston Common. It’s a must when you’re in the city. Time flew by and it was time to head to the airport and begin my next #weekendlikealocal adventure in a different city. I couldn’t wait!

For an amazing weekend like Chelsea’s, book the Weekend Like a Local package and stay with us by March 31, 2019.

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