One of Baltimore’s best kept secrets has been sitting right under everybody’s noses for quite some time. Since the mid 1700’s to be exact! And what would that secret be? BEER! This delicious concoction of water, barley, hops, and yeast has been a historically rooted staple in Baltimore’s history. Beer fueled Colonial Maryland during the Revolutionary War, German immigrants brought lager recipes to Fells Point! Baltimore’s quality water supply and accessibility to deliver brewing ingredients made it close to uncontested in brewing. This paved the way for those names you recognize today, like National Brewing Company, or Gunther and American Brewery. Today in 2018, the tradition of making local craft beer is more alive than ever, here are three places you should know about!

Oliver Brewing Co.

Originally opened in 1993, Oliver Brewing Co. started out like most good things beer, In a basement on a small brewing system. That location now turned Pratt Street Ale House, helped hone in on a desired result: True English Ales. A fairly recent move (2015) into a 12,000 square foot location, Oliver boast a gigantic fermentation room in what used to exist as a coolers for an old ice distributor. Being one of the most historic breweries in the area, Oliver is proud of their Baltimore history, as well as their English heritage. Oliver’s origins of waterfront history can be found dating back to Merry Ole England, where Oliver’s Wharf still exists on the bank of the Thames.

Photo by Matt Achhammer 'Can You Picture That'

Their dog friendly facility is the perfect place to check out Oliver’s four vessel, 20-barrel brewhouse, and taste some delicious beer! Might we suggest the Creator Destroyer, a espresso brown ale, that’s been proven to start your morning or your evening!

Brew House No. 16

Harry Hummel opened up Brew House No. 16 with the intention of merging local craft beer with locally sourced food ingredients. Standing as an old firehouse (the first one since the Great Baltimore Fire of 1904,) it took almost two years of restoration and construction to get it to it’s beautiful current state. The family name Hummel is illustrated in their logo, a direct German translation of “bumble bee.”

Photo by Matt Achhammer 'Can You Picture That'

The seven barrel system sits in the back of this brewpub behind the bar, but you’ll be lucky if you make it that far. The original tiles coat the walls, amongst fire poles stretching down into the dining room, but the only fire that needs quenching will be quickly subdued with a glass of cream ale and a great meal!

The Guinness Open Gate Brewery & Barrel House

You know the name, and now it is taking a swing at becoming Baltimore’s next local brewery. The Guinness Open Gate Brewery & Barrel House will be Guinness’s first presence on US soil since 1954, with intentions to brew Blond American Lager for the USA & Canada, as well as brewing small batch new and exciting craft beers for local sales. The iconic Guinness Stouts will continue to be brewed in Dublin, and imported into the US. In October 2017, they opened up their test taproom, with the intention of having the brewhouse completed by the end of 2018.

In the meantime, you’re welcome to stop by and grab a pint of their classic imports from Ireland, their American-Brewed Guinness Blond Lager, or any experimental done on sight in a two barrel pilot system!


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