Ever been on a boring tour? Dylan O’Donnell, aka Doctor Gumbo, has too. Which is why Doctor Gumbo Tours are designed to be informative, engaging and most importantly: fun!

A New Orleans native and former tour operator in Rome (Italy), his mission is to deliver the cure for the common tour.

Dylan founded Doctor Gumbo Tours in 2013, a unique tour company focusing on the culinary and cocktail histories of New Orleans and southern Louisiana. Since then, Doctor Gumbo Tours has gone on to win a number of hospitality awards including U.S. News and World Report’s “15 Best Foodie Tours in the USA”.

Doctor Gumbo Tours’ activities run daily, and at the core are insightful, well-researched, entertaining and tasty tours of New Orleans and southern Louisiana. With a former expat’s perspective, he can also provide insight as only a true New Orleans local can.

In the past, Doctor Gumbo has traveled the world in search of adventure; he’s eaten his way through Sicily, hiked the Grand Canyon, swilled pints and (attempted to) sing songs in Dublin, and actually paid money in Mexico to get jolted with electricity.

After graduating from Louisiana State University with a degree in literature and audio-visual arts, Doctor Gumbo spontaneously moved to Rome to eat prosciutto, drink too much espresso and work as a tour guide of the Eternal City. For the next four years, he managed a company that gave tours of the ancient monuments, the Vatican City, holy sites and pagan temples. While there, he picked up the nickname “Doctor Gumbo”, on account of his Sunday ritual of cooking the typical New Orleans dish, gumbo, and feeding his friends.

In 2005, Hurricane Katrina struck his beloved hometown and he was compelled to come home. Since then, he’s worked as a graphic designer, web designer and marketing director for an award-winning New Orleans architecture firm. Additionally, he co-founded and organized a Running of the Bulls festival in New Orleans in 2007, with an attendance of 20,000 people in 2017.

In 2011, Doctor Gumbo returned to the tourism industry as a tour guide, this time in his own city and state. Since then he has given hundreds of tours to thousands of people, proudly showing off his region and showing them a great time in the process.

Images provided by Doctor Gumbo Tours

When he’s not guiding or planning festivals, you’re likely to find him either DJing world music in a local club, gardening in his yard, or at home cooking gumbo for his wife and four kids.

All of Doctor Gumbo Tours’ guides are licensed Tour Guides with the City of New Orleans Department of Safety and Permits. Doctor Gumbo Tours is also a current member of the New Orleans Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Passionate tour guides, fun facts you’ll actually remember, sites off the beaten path, local knowledge with world perspective, and a tour experience that’s more like a mobile social event than a flavorless death march from one old pile of bricks to the next…these are Doctor Gumbo Tours…the cure for the common tour!

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