Canada has been rated among the top 10 most beautiful countries in the world multiple times – often taking the top spot. With 60% of the world’s lakes and some of the most incredible naturally formed wonders, you are sure to find a few places that will give you some jaw-droppingly gorgeous Instagram shots.

Here are a few you should definitely put on your wish list.

Stormwatching on the West Coast

Tofino, BC

While the locals know the secret that Tofino, BC is gorgeous all-year-round, it’s most popular in the summer for surfing and during the winter for incredible stormwatching. With 20-foot high waves and dark clouds, it’s ominous and dramatic in the winter – and it’s picture perfect. And if you catch it just after a storm, you’ll get rays of sunshine that almost seem photoshopped. At an average of 8 degrees Celsius, it’s not a bad way to spend time in the usually cold, Canadian winters.

Where Urban Cool Meets Nature at Stanley Park

Vancouver, BC

Larger than New York City’s famous Central Park, Stanley Park is nature’s answer to the hustle and bustle of downtown Vancouver. The rich history aside, there is no shortage of Instagram-worthy spots to make your friends (and your frenemies?) wonder where you got the perfect shot. With centuries-old trees, hollow trees, and a green canvas against the stark cityscape, it’s like you walked into a fairy-tale.

Live Out Your Ice Queen Fantasy at Ice Castles
Edmonton, Alberta

Wouldn’t you love to take a day trip up to the farthest northern points of Canada to experience the incredible ice caves – and then head back to your city comforts and cozy hotel room? Most ice caves are a little too remote for that, but Ice Castles in Edmonton comes pretty close to the perfect ice cave adventure. Artists created this incredible experience by hand using hundreds of thousands of icicles. With the experience set up in six different cities in North America, Edmonton is the only city in Canada where you can experience Ice Castles. It’s like Narnia and the movie Frozen rolled into one and at night it lights up to create an even more enchanted backdrop for the perfect Instagram snap.

Walk on Glass-Like Ice Bubbles

Calgary, Alberta

You don’t have to fully understand the science behind a natural wonder to know that it is truly unique. In and around Calgary, bubbles suspended in the frozen lakes and rivers create a natural, whimsical photo backdrop and a feeling like you are walking on glass bubbles. The bubbles are created naturally when methane bubbles get trapped under the surface. One of the most famous places is Abraham Lake. However, that’s a bit too far off the beaten path for most people and there are a few places closer to Calgary. An hour from Calgary, man-made reservoir Barrier Lake is a closer alternative. Spray Lakes is a little further west of Calgary. Both are perfect for a day trip. While not as prominent, you may be able to capture the bubbles at Lake Bonavista about 30 minutes outside of the city. Dress warm because the best time to see them is in January/February when temperatures average -30 degrees Celsius!

Sugar Beach is an Urban Oasis

Toronto, ON

Downtown Toronto is a sea of glass, metal, and concrete in various shades of grey. Both locals and visitors to the city can get a pop of colour and a great backdrop for their latest Instagram snap at Canada’s Sugar Beach. The bubblegum pink umbrellas, candy-striped rocks, and white sands of this urban beach are a stark contrast to the surrounding industrial area.

Natural Beauty at Scarborough Bluffs

Toronto, ON

It’s not a secret that Scarborough Bluffs, East of Toronto is slowly – not noticeable in real time to the naked eye – disappearing into the waterfront. Rather than discussing how erosion works, let’s focus on the fact that the lakeside cliffs, beaches, and 11 parks are gorgeous whether drenched in sunlight in the summer, kissed by fall colours in autumn, covered in a layer of snow in the winter, or blooming in the spring. Regardless of what area you pick within The Bluffs, your Instagram snaps will be dramatic.

Chasing Waterfalls in the City

Hamilton, ON

About 45 minutes outside of Toronto, Hamilton is an Instagrammer’s paradise. With more than 100 waterfalls throughout countless nature trails, you could spend the whole day just exploring and filling your Instagram feed with crazy, adventure shots. Three of the more well-known waterfalls are Felkers Falls, Sherman Falls, and Smokey Hollow Falls (this one isn’t so popular, so great for those shots of just you and nature.) And if you don’t want to wait for warmer weather, the falls are just as beautiful during the winter!

Bay of Fundy is a Natural Wonder of the World

NB and NS

Halfway between the equator and the north-pole, the Bay of Fundy offers an incredibly unique ecosystem as the backdrop for some of the most epic Instagram shots ever. With rare whales, the highest tides on earth – reaching up to 56 feet high, and exposed dinosaur fossils, it is one of the 7 wonders of North America and one of the natural wonders of the world. If you’re having trouble choosing the best place to fill your Instagram feed, be sure to check out Fundy National Park in New Brunswick and the Cliffs of Fundy Geopark in Nova Scotia.

Cape Spear Lighthouse is at the very edge of North America

St. John’s, NL.

Anywhere on the east coast of Canada could be considered an Instagrammer’s paradise, but there are a few spots that shine just a little bit brighter. Cape Spear Lighthouse is the most easterly point in North America and only minutes outside of St. John’s. The best part is that it offers gorgeous photo settings no matter where you look and what time of day you go (although sunrise and sunset is particularly beautiful). Cape Spear Lighthouse is the oldest lighthouse in the province – who knew Canada’s history could be so beautiful!

Seeing red at Cavendish Beach


PEI is a small island, and it’s all gorgeous – especially when the sunlight hits just at the right time. But be sure to take a snap at Cavendish Beach. With its unique, red sandstone cliffs and endless sand dunes, you’re sure to capture the perfectly serene shot.

Canada has a lot to offer when it comes to taking your Instagram feed up a notch. It’s time you got out and explored a little more!

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