Every year it gets bigger and better as it adds new rides, restaurants, attractions and shows. With over 200 attractions and 77 rides, everyone in the family will find something to enjoy. So, if you’re ready for the time of your life, here are eight things you should know about Canada’s Wonderland to make the most of your visit.

1. You can ride the tallest dive coaster in the world

This year it’s all about the Yukon Striker. This ride will have you hanging over at a 90-degree drop for three breathtaking seconds, staring 245 feet down into an underwater tunnel. Then suddenly you dive, reaching speeds of 130km/h, soaring through inversions and loops. It’s floorless, stadium seating enhances visibility with 3 rows of 8 riders. If you’re looking for a thrill this ride will take you for a spin!

2. It’s not just about the summer

Coming to you in November 2019, Wonderland will be transforming their grounds into a winter Wonderland full of enchantment and holiday cheer. You will be immersed in the season’s spirit, spectacular décor, world-class entertainment and holiday treats. Take in the sounds of the season by performances of Cool Yule Christmas, Jingle Jazz and be dazzled by Snoopy and the Gang in their holiday themed show. Create a new holiday family tradition as you ice skate on Snowflake Lake in the shadow of the iconic Wonder Mountain.

3. It’s the perfect place for Halloween fright

Face your fears this fall when Canada’s Wonderland is transformed into a “scream park”. Experience the thrills of your favourite rides at night and the frights that await you in their terrifying haunted attractions and shows. Hundreds of monsters are lurking in every corner so there is no place to hide. This is the largest Halloween event in the GTA so don’t miss out on the fright of your life!

4. Keep your eye on the sky

On select days during the year, Wonderland puts on spectacular fireworks displays. Each of their fireworks shows are unique, custom-design set to an original soundtrack that you will not find anywhere else in Toronto. For approximately 15 minutes, you’ll witness over 6,000 colourful explosions, reaching heights of over 800 feet, which is sure to ignite thrills for guests of all ages. For information on upcoming shows, visit their website.

5. You should make a Ride Plan

One of the best things you can do before you arrive to the park is create a ride strategy. For those of you who have been to Wonderland before, you know why. Get to the park as early as possible and start off with the most popular ride on your list. Lines tend to get extremely long for the most popular rides as the day progresses so if you want the thrill make sure to get there early. Or purchase Fast Lane tickets so you can skip the line all together.

6. Wear comfortable shoes and prepare to walk!

Wonderland isn’t as big as Universal Orlando or Disneyland, but it is still big enough to make your feet sore. Who wants to be uncomfortable when there is so much to explore? Ensure that everyone in the family has comfortable shoes and ready to take on the day. If you are visiting with a baby or young child bring a stroller or rent one from the park for a fee.

7. Don’t forget to pack your swimsuit

Canada’s Wonderland has an impressive 20-acre Splash Works Water Park. Bring your swimsuit and towels and store them in a park locker until you are ready to hit the lazy river, Black Hole and other water slides. Don’t forget to check out the Typhoon waterslide, with its spinning funnels and thrilling turns as well as the Splash Station children’s water play area. This is the perfect place to keep cool during the humid heat of a Toronto summer.

8. You can picnic outside the park or splurge on meals in the park

You’re not allowed to bring outside food into the park, but you can pack a cooler, leave it in the car until you are ready to eat, then exit for a lunch outside. Don’t forget to get your hand stamped before you exit the park to gain re-entry. For those of you who don’t want to go through the hassle of packing your own lunch, Canada’s Wonderland offers an array of options for every delight. Fill up on Subway, Starbucks, Manchu Wok, Pizza Pizza, or have all the funnel cake your heart desires.

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