Cruising day is finally here! If you’re like most people, you probably booked your cruise vacation from South Florida months in advance, but thankfully your long wait is finally over. Embarkation day is exciting, but it can also be a little stressful if you go into it without a plan. There are plenty of tricks and tips for making the most of your embarkation day for a smooth start to your cruise vacation, but one of the most important questions cruisers have revolves around getting to port.

Did you know that some hotels across Miami actually have transportation services available for cruisers? The services usually come with perks beyond just a ride to your ship, so here’s your guide to making embarkation day easier from your South Florida hotel!

Which Hotel offers Cruise Port Transportation from South Florida?

If you’ve cruised with the whole family before, you know a thing or two about logistics. Planning out a vacation as much as possible is a smart move to avoid issues and make sure everyone you’re with is having a great time. Choosing a hotel in South Florida pre or post-cruise which offers transportation service included is the best way to make your vacation as easy as possible. Some not only offer rides to port and free parking at the hotel, but also rides to and from the airport before or after your cruise vacation.

Cruising from Miami

Is there a better feeling in the world stepping off the plane in Miami the day before a cruise vacation? That first blast of wam, humid air is enough to get anyone in full-on vacation mode, but if you truly want to enjoy your cruise vacation to the fullest, coordinating your trip with your local Miami or Miami Beach hotel is the way to go. Not only can you arrange transportation from the airport to your hotel, but some Miami hotels offer even more ride options including to and from PortMiami the day you cruise.

The DoubleTree Grand Biscayne Bay is just minutes from PortMiami and offers a Park, Stay & Go package with up to a week of free parking at the hotel and shuttle to port the morning of your cruise. Rather than stress out about where you’re going to park the rental car or how much it’s going to cost parking at port, make your life easier and have all the arrangements made before you even touch down in the Sunshine State. Some packages even offer savings to local shopping centers like the Aventura Mall so you can pick up any last minute items before you sail.

It’s Your Vacation, Enjoy It!
A vacation isn’t a vacation if there’s a lot of work involved. It’s not always easy to take the whole family on a cruise, but there are ways to help reduce the stress of traveling to your cruise port once you’re here in sunny South Florida. Click the graphic below for more information on the best Park, Stay & Go cruise packages offered at South Florida hotels!

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