It’s Denver, so if anywhere is going to be enlivened about a foot of snow on the ground (hellooo ski season), it’s this city.  But if the cold weather has you down, we’re here to help.  Here’s a list of the coziest spots in Denver to curl up and wait for those 60-degree days to come back.

  • Denver Art Museum. Escape to the Denver Art Museum and get lost in carefully curated exhibits, showcasing paintings from countless famous artists. You’ll feel the warmth of iconic garden paintings and sigh a breath of relief that you’re indoors when you walk through his winter scenes.
  • Woodie Fisher Kitchen & Bar. The oldest building in the Union Station neighborhood stood vacant for many years until recently when the intriguing red brick building was given new life by developers of the neighboring Hilton Garden Inn. Recognized as an original firehouse the historic potential of this building was realized and now attracts foodies from all over the city.  Preserving the building was no small feat but now the restaurant dons a dalmatian as its logo and was named Woodie Fisher in memory of Redwood “Woodie” Fisher, a firefighter who lost his life back in 1870 attempting to stop a horse-drawn hose wagon. Warm lighting, beautiful leather booths and exposed brick walls give this restaurant a cozy yet authentic feel.  It’s a perfect oasis for a cold night out, and its fantastic menu doesn’t hurt.
  • Rhein Haus. Get lost in a Bavarian wonderland on a snowy day, and spend your time eating German comfort food and taking your pick from a variety of German, Belgian and American beers.  While this two-story beer hall does have TVs to satisfy Denver’s avid sports fans, the main activity is bocce.  With four indoor bocce ball courts, Rhein Haus is a great place to spend a cold afternoon with friends.  Put your precision to the test with a game of bocce and enjoy the beautiful design and architecture of the Rhein Haus building.  Featuring a hand-carved mahogany fireplace salvaged from a Bavarian castle, gorgeous Austrian chandeliers, frosted windows and a beautiful wood bar Rhein Haus is fit for some sort of beer-lovers fairy tale and the ultimate place to warm-up on a cold day.  If all that’s not enough, try their fresh baked apple strudel.
  • The Tattered Cover. Who can resist curling up with a good book on a cold winter’s day? Now add a fireplace, antique furniture, a coffee shop and free WiFi. The Tattered Cover is one of the largest independently owned bookstores in the United States with over half a million books. Cozy up at this two-story bookstore in the heart of downtown (or at its second location on Colfax) and lose yourself in a great book and comfy chair.  This is the motherland for any bookworm and with its established popularity, it’s also become a destination for some prominent book signings and tours.  Keep your eyes peeled and you may just spy a famous author while you’re there.
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