If you want to discover a Mexico full of tequila, mariachi and huge fields of agave, be ready to put on your charro hat and boots, because your next destination is tequila’s most popular fair in Jalisco.

What’s it all about?

This fair takes place from November 29th till December 12th in Tequila, Jalisco, the magical land of origin of this precious distillate.

Besides the traditional parades and mechanical games that are common in all fairs, you may be able to taste the best crafted tequilas of the region, as well as to attend workshops and tastings organized by hundreds of producers, all of this under a beautiful landscape of blue agaves.

The experience doesn’t end here. In addition to tasting tequila, you will be able to try a great variety of Mexican dishes that go from sweet to spicy. You can also tour the great lands and the tequila museums of the area, and close the night by dancing to the rhythm of Mexican regional music.

So, if you were planning to travel to Mexico, don’t think about it, and be part of this experience full of incredible tastes, traditions, colors and magic. We have the best lodging so you can enjoy it.

At last, but not least, let us give you a tip:

When you go to Tequila, don’t forget to play and hum the famous song “Tequila”, by The Champs, a mixture of rock and roll and instrumental music that you have surely heard, and that will put you in the perfect mood to enjoy the fair.

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