When planning a vacation to Trinidad that’s exciting for the whole family, you won’t have to search very far. With a wide array of fun-filled family-friendly activities, you’ll find yourself booking your return trip to the Caribbean before you’ve even boarded your flight back home.

Jump for joy with your family in Trinidad

A Trinidad family vacation consists of adventure, delicious eats, breathtaking beaches, and unique wildlife, packed into one unforgettable getaway. Below is a list of our favorite activities for families traveling to Trinidad.

Family Restaurants in Trinidad

Richard’s Bake and Shark is an essential Trinidadian must-do while on the island. Just as it sounds, Richard’s serves a legendary fried-shark sandwich that’s renowned across the island. With over 20 years in business, Richards’ wide array of self-serve condiments compliments the delicate care and craftsmanship of each sandwich, making it debatably the best fish sandwich on Earth. Don’t believe us? Even Andrew Zimmerman once referred to it as the best fish sandwich he had ever eaten!

The Lighthouse Grill boasts a menu of fresh, local, and homemade meals that are sure to provide healthy yet delicious options while on the island. Everything is made in-house from scratch. The Lighthouse Grill even serves ice cream with added cookies, fudge, and other toppings your children are sure to love! Their “buy fresh buy local” campaign boosts the overall health of their valued guests, provides environmental benefits and offers a helping hand to the local community. This includes organic ingredients, grass-fed beef, local beer and wine for the grownups, and partnerships with local fresh farms.

Royal Botanical Gardens

If you’re looking for a fun outdoor activity to enjoy the warm Caribbean weather with the family, consider Royal Botanical Gardens! Established over 100 years ago in 1818, it is one of the oldest gardens in the West Indies. Packed with local flora to observe, the beauty of Royal Botanical Gardens makes an excellent spot for a family picnic! Point out the native Trinidadian plants to your younger children as an incredible learning opportunity even while on vacation. After all, around 13% of the 700 trees at the gardens are indigenous to Trinidad and Tobago.

Emperor Valley Zoo

Emperor Valley Zoo in Trinidad and Tobago is the perfect activity to precede or follow a day at the Royal Botanical Gardens, given they’re practically neighbors. Covering 7.2 acres, Emperor Valley is the largest zoo in Trinidad and Tobago, boasting over 2300 animals in over 200 species. Given the diversity, the zoo consists of both foreign species, and those native to Trinidad and Tobago. The zoo is situated on a terrain in which much of the natural flora remained, giving the zoo a natural wilderness setting to make the whole family feel like you’re spotting animals in the wild!

Both of these must-see spots are just within a five-minute drive from the most alluring family-friendly hotel on the island,Hilton Trinidad Hotel!

Asa Wright Nature Center and Lodge

As one of the first nature centers in the Caribbean, Asa Wright Nature Center and Lodge Trinidad had no trouble establishing itself as an area for conservation, wildlife research, and protection for the natural species that call Trinidad and Tobago home. The center is a not-for-profit organization and any revenue is contributed towards bettering the environment and conservation efforts. The species diversity available to Trinidad is entirely unmatched, due to its proximity to mainland South America, resulting in thousands of native species of plants and  hundreds of birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and butterflies in one beautiful rainforest. This provides a marvelous opportunity to teach children about the importance of conservation, all while having an unforgettable day in Trinidad.

Beaches in Trinidad

Maracas Beach

Maracas Beach is the Carribean paradise you’ve likely seen in your dreams. Complete with crystal clear blue waters and warm white sands, you’ll pass through a diverse and colorful rainforest on the drive over to the sea. This mountainous terrain paired with tropical palm trees makes for a getaway location you’ll be telling loved ones about for years to come. Maracas Beach is also home to the famous Bake and SharkTrinidadian must-do, also! Work up an appetite by riding the waves (averaging 1 meter or 3 feet), perfectly suited for surfing or boogie-boarding.

Just 3.3 miles northeast of Maracas Beach, you will find Las Cuevas Beach Trinidad. Given it is slightly farther from the capital and other more populated areas, Las Cuevas tends to be less crowded and a more invigorating, relaxing environment than the typically-populous Maracas Beach. Las Cuevas is home to a variety of nearby caves, which afforded the spot its name and are sure to be an exciting spot for children to explore and adventure. The beach also hosts a snack bar for visitors’ convenience, to ensure your family is never hungry on your relaxing family getaway.

Whether your family prefers sampling the local flavors of Trinidad and the Caribbean, or exploring the natural beauty of its wildlife, there is something exciting to do for everyone in Trinidad. Select from an action-packed itinerary of nonstop fun, or an invigorating agenda of relaxing activities and have the time of your life with your loved ones nonetheless. For the bonding experience every family deserves, Trinidad is the ideal Caribbean getaway for all!

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