Every state has its own tagline, from the Golden State to the Ocean State, these sayings capture the spirit or essence of their individual domains. Louisiana is aptly dubbed “Sportsman’s Paradise.” This name is rooted in Louisiana’s rich history of hiking, hunting and of course fishing. From the beautiful bayous to the Gulf of Mexico, Louisiana’s natural bounty is plentiful. Whether it’s redfish or bluefin tuna, there is no shortage of fish to catch and there are plenty of experienced guides to get you on the water.

New Orleans is a city famed for its culinary prowess. Many of the city’s culinary traditions can be linked back to the abundance of food available just a short distance from the city limits. If you’re planning a trip to the Big Easy, it would be easy to carve out a day to explore the local waterways with a fishing guide. But once you catch all that fish, the next question is “what are you going to do with it?”

Your guide can help freeze and ship some home to you. It’d be nice to enjoy a tender piece of speckled trout with friends back home, as you recount your experiencing hooking that catch. But that doesn’t have to be all you do with your edible loot.

Photo credit: Paul Broussard and Bourgeois Charter

Louisiana’s Wildlife and Fisheries has come up with a solution through their Catch and Cook initiative. This program allows licensed recreational anglers to get their catch cooked in some of New Orleans best restaurants by renowned chefs. All of Dickie Brennan’s Restaurants (Palace Café, Dickie Brennan’s Steakhouse, Bourbon House and Tableau) participate. Their chefs take your fish haul and create a multi-course menu specially for you. There is nothing cookie-cutter about this program. The chefs consider your catch, your preferences, as well as any dietary restrictions you or your group may have. They then create an unforgettable experience for you.

Sound amazing? Now you’re likely wondering how to arrange it all. Louisiana Travel has a site with an array of choices for fishing charters. Also, the Dickie Brennan Restaurant family has worked extensively with Bourgeois Charters. They know where to catch the fish and can help make the catch and cook portion seamless for you.

To book your cook part of the catch experience you need to follow these steps:

Call ahead! Give the restaurant a call 48 hours in advance of your desired reservation date/time. Let them know you are making a Catch and Cook reservation.

Deliver the fish. Fish must be cleaned and delivered by 3pm the day of the reservation.

Provide paperwork. When the fish are delivered, be prepared to show your fishing license, driver’s license and sign a few papers.

Come on in! Arrive for your reservation on time and get treated to an unforgettable experience!

New Orleans is much more than Bourbon Street. This experience will give you a good taste of what this southern city has to offer.

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