Love history? Well we have the perfect place to add to your summer list of must-see Toronto attractions. Immerse yourself in the 1860’s and explore the authentic re-created country village of Black Creek Pioneer Village.

Discover 40 historic buildings, 70 rare and heritage breed animals, 10 gardens growing flowers and plants from heirloom seeds and exciting programs that engage people of all ages! Meet costumed educators who demonstrate common practices of 1860’s Ontario. Tap into the music of the era, laugh at the hysterical antics of the actors and have fun engaging in hand-on activities throughout the village!

Here are a few things you can expect to see on your visit to this historic site!

Discovery Centres

Drop by a Discovery Station to explore questions you’ve always wanted to ask about the pioneers. How does it feel to wear a corset? How do you balance on stilts? Why did people rarely smile in photographs? What clues can a census reveal about the past?  Who knows what you will discover.

History Actors

Based on historical research, Black Creek’s History actors bring to life real people who lives in the Toronto Region 150 years ago. Actors will show how farmers of the era tended to their animals, using them for food, transportation, clothing and heavy labour.

Farm Yard Friends

You’ll enjoy the chance to see how people farmed in early Ontario and learn the important role that animals played in everyday life. Many of the farm animal breeds that were central to life in 19th century Ontario are now rare. The Village is home to a number of these heritage breeds including Cochin chickens, Border Leicester sheep and the ever-popular Clydesdale horses.

The History Lab

Get a behind the scenes glimpse at the History Lab at the Flynn House. Explore historical documents to find real people of the past from the evidence they left behind and help bring their stories to life!

McNair Gallery

Located the Visitors’ Centre, this gallery showcases authentic artifacts and special exhibits. Explore exhibits such as Breaking the Silence: Stories of the British Home Children, 1869-1948 and Look & Play: A Toy His-Story.

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