Miami is home to one of the world’s largest ports and one of America’s best vacation cities. You have probably heard about the famous beaches and 365 days of summer, but there’s a whole lot more to this town once you peel back the layers. We’ve created this handy guide for the cruiser seeking a Uniquely Miami experience before or after they set sail.

Fly Into Miami a Day Early & Explore Little Havana

You can’t visit Miami without checking out one of the coolest neighborhoods in the entire city: Little Havana. What makes Little Havana so authentic is the fact that a fourth of the population is Cuban!

The best part about staying at a Hilton near the airport is that the hotels offer transportation options to PortMiami and the airport to make your experience as seamless as possible. You’re also just a few blocks from Domino Park and authentic Cuban coffee. Stroll through the park and get your picture taken with the colorful parrots before watching Cuban-Americans playing a spirited game of dominos.

Ball & Chain, one of the most popular live venues in Little Havana, is a spot for locals and tourists alike. Open since 1935, Ball & Chain has seen Miami go from dirt roads to glitzy high rises, but the bar and lounge’s unique charm has stayed exactly the same. Danz6n and mambo music flow from Ball & Chain nightly and it’s the best place to cut the rug before you head to your ship in the morning.

The best part about staying near the airport including at the Hilton Miami Airport Blue Lagoon is one way transportation for two to PortMiami on embarkation day and up to seven days of parking for those with a vehicle. They’ll also give you a ride to the airport when it’s finally time to go home!

There’s a ton to do in the Miami and if you’re cruising from the Magic City, make sure you leave time before and after to explore! From the food and art to Cuban culture not found anywhere else in the United States, Miami is as unique as it gets. For more great things to do, check out Hilton’s awesome guide to the city, with maps, restaurant recommendations and more for all your vacation needs!

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