I feel extremely lucky to live and work in a city with such an incredible food scene and whose passion for locally grown, quality ingredients is palpable.

Though I spend a lot of my time at Jackrabbit as the Pastry Chef, I try and experience as much of what the city has to offer outside of my own kitchen. There’s an excellent combination of folks putting a lot of different, great foods out into Portland (and the world), from classics to crazy that are ever inspiring.

Currently, my two favorite restaurants are Farmhouse Kitchen, a Thai spot on Southeast Hawthorne Street that opened up last year, and Maurice, a modern pastry luncheonette in Southwest Portland. Kristen Murray, the owner/chef at Maurice is somebody I look up to here in Portland. Her techniques and simple approach really let flavors shine.

Now that it’s almost spring, I’m going crazy for everything sprouting up at the farmers market! Herbs, rhubarb, you name it – and strawberries soon I hope! My dessert menu is always changing based on what’s in season.

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