Washington DC is full of inclusive and fabulous options for the LGBT community. From food and drink to world-class museums and sports, no matter who you are and what you like we’ve put together the ultimate weekend to satisfy everyone. And you’ll need somewhere to sleep, so head over to www.hilton.com/pride.

Day One: The Gays Do The District Classics

The Madison Hotel

Where to start: Although Pride in the capital is a can’t-miss month, DC loves the LGBT community year round. This guide will help you get around to the classic places, new hotspots and everything in between. Whether you are just visiting for the weekend or you are a local, we have something for you to do.

Hotel: The Madison is a stylish and hip place to stay if you are coming from out of town. Located close to many of our locations listed below you will be able to walk around the Gay District and stay in one of the most divine places in the neighborhood.

Dinner: You have to stop at Nellie’s Sports Bar. It is a terrific place for your pre-game of the night.

Nightcap: JR’s is another classic location in the DC Gay Community, but always a good option. Just to hang out and maybe dance a little bit with the crowd that is always accepting.

After Hours Activity: Now that you have your buzz on, Walk the Mall at night. Most locals know this is the best time to view the monuments. All those children have been chased off by their supervisors and the majority of the crowd have made it back to their hotels. It is a sweet place to explore with your boyfriend, girlfriend, brother, sister……anyone, really!

Instagrammable Spot of the Day: The Monuments, we recommend the Lincoln Memorial because it is supremely stunning at night.

Day Two: Can You Believe?


Brunch (TREAT YO SELF): Are you trying to save some money? Bar Charley’s has got your back. For their bottomless brunch you can get unlimited mimosas and an entree for $24.99. We’re not crying, you’re crying.

Sports: Ah, the sports! Sports fans we have you covered as well. Check out the Nationals play a game with the ball, or just visit the Bullpen Bar. Nothing like engaging in the sports!

Us as Intellectuals: Okay definitely no secret that Kramerbooks and Afterwords Cafe is a fabulous spot. It is a cute little hideaway for you to buy a book and drink a glass a wine as you break into the first chapter.

Dinner: Honestly, Annie’s Paramount Steakhouse is just another classic that you should never miss out on. It is perfect for that romantic dinner you are always promising your S.O. and has been part of the 17th Street gay scene for decades.

Culture: Artechhouse is a place you need to see. The most recent installation is made of all sounds and lights and perfect for you take a stroll and get lost in the experiential art.

Dirty Dancing: Another classics is Cobalt, It is a three level bar with dancing and drag queens. It is exactly what you are picturing and that is what makes it worth it.

Time for Carbs: The DINER is open 24 hours and has classic American comfort foods. Need we say more if you are looking for a late night bite?

Instagrammable Spot of the Day: Artechouse is gonna be your go-to spot. There are just so many opportunities in the museum you will find something fabulous to impress your fans.

Day Three: Sashay Away

Brunch (You Deserve Champagne and Drag Queens): Perry’s Restaurant is the place to get delicious food and see one of the best Drag Brunch performances. Make sure to make a reservation because this place is a hot spot.

US BEING ACTIVE: Take a dip with Boating in DC! In the summer it is important to take time to splash around, just to stay cool.


City Brew Tours

You’ll just need to relax honestly: Would you rather stay inside? City Brew Tours will take you around the town to the best breweries, you just sit back and drink.

End on a High Note: The Graham Rooftop is BEAUTIFUL and has a great view of the city! The drinks are delicious and the Happy Hour cannot be beat.

Instagrammable Spot of the Day: The Graham Rooftop because you just have to close your weekend overlooking the city, and people should see you doing it.

Head over to www.hilton.com/pride and book your unforgettable stay now!

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