Salamanca offers a variety of activities to spend a weekend with family and friends, including the nopal bread route, watching fireflies or walking along the river. It belongs to the Guanajuato Industrial Corridor, which also includes León, Silao, Irapuato and Celaya. So, book your room now at the Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton Salamanca Bajio or Hilton Garden Inn Salamanca and visit this city that also offers what is considered one of the most beautiful icons of Mexican culture: The Temple of Saint Augustine in Salamanca.

The Church of Saint Augustine

¿What is the Temple of Saint Augustine? 

The Temple of Saint Augustine was created by the Augustinians. The Augustinians were a religious order formed in Spain at the end of the 15th century, and they arrived in Mexico in the middle of the 16th century. This temple is dedicated to Saint John of Sahagún. Its greatness is humbling, only multiplied by its gold interior. Its grandiosity, it is said, is due to the fact that before being a church, the Temple was going to be a university. Construction of the temple began in the seventeenth century, and took about 64 years, representative of the baroque architecture of the time. However, it is worth noting that in the nineteenth century the altar was replaced by a neoclassical one.

Some of the most significant details of the Temple of Saint Augustine are the altarpieces of Saint Anne and Saint John. They are quite impressive and you will surely stay and contemplate them for a while, in fact, you will hardly be able to look away. Those who know the altarpieces of this grandiose structure affirm they are very similar to those of Saint Rose of Viterbo in Querétaro. The altarpieces that cover the walls of this imposing place as a whole are called.

“Viceroyal Reliquary of America”, which talk about their significance.

The Secrets of the Temple of Saint Augustine 

It’s practically impossible to absorb everything you see in this church. So, don’t be surprised if you decide to come back several times. We assure you that during each visit, you’ll find a new symbol or religious secret embodied in its walls, ceilings or art. For example, in its doors you can catch the Eye of God who sees everything, a book that represents the Bible, a bishop’s bonnet and the inflamed heart pierced by arrows, the symbol of the Augustinians.  All of these hidden symbols are only in the entrance. Unbelievable!

The gold combined with the amazing illumination cause an optical illusion that will keep you speechless for hours. Detail the crucifix of Christ and the archangel Gabriel. Viceroyal art is as equally beautiful as it is telling, so you can see the scenes from the life of Saint Augustine come alive. Ceiling cherubs and floral images add a natural touch to this religious emblem. It is hard to believe the temple is more than 400 years old. If you are religious, we recommend you stay for a mass, as receiving the Eucharist in this gold-plated castle is a unique experience.

If you are visiting this house which seems to be made of gold, we recommend you take your time to really explore its nooks and crannies, and truly appreciate its beauty and celestial details, along with its architecture and meaning, since it is an unforgettable and truly spiritual experience, which you will not have in many other places. If you are already visiting Salamanca, take advantage of your time in the city to get to know other amazing places, such as, the Plaza Mayor, the New Cathedral, the Old Parish Church, the Guanajuato Arts Center, Casa de las Conchas, Casa Lis, and Puente Romano, among many others. Remember all of the Hilton hotels are at your disposal to ensure you have the best vacation with your family or friends, and to take care of all the details when it comes to giving you a memorable and well-deserved break.

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