Phoenix may not be the first place that springs to mind when you think of cities that are renowned for their coffee scenes. But the Arizona capital is actually filled with stellar independent coffee shops, each with their own unique flair, from industrial vibes to retro charm.

Copper Star Coffee
Copper Star Coffee is located in midtown Phoenix on 7th Avenue, which is the place to go if you’re in the market for vintage. The retro interiors make this café stand out in a crowd, but the coffee is just as great. Try the lavender mocha for a drink that’s as photo-worthy as it is delicious.

Lux Central Coffee
You’ll be hard pressed to find a coffee house hipper than Lux Central Coffee, which boasts a full breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu in addition to a wide selection of pastries and booze. It’s always packed, making it a great place for good conversation and general people-watching.

Songbird Coffee & Tea House
If you’re craving a quaint vibe, Songbird Coffee & Tea House is easily one of your best options. The tiny café is located inside of what was once an old house, and now boasts worn-in furniture and a chilled-out atmosphere that’s ideal for getting work done. The coffee is fantastic, but the tea menu is particularly noteworthy.

Get your coffee and art fix at the same time at downtown Phoenix’s Futuro, a cafe that’s part of a larger collective space called Palabra. It truly feels like you’re walking into the future thanks to an all-white interior that’s flooded with natural light.

Sip Coffee & Beer
There are three Sip Coffee and Beer locations in the valley. Each delivers the same delicious coffee and robust beer selection, but all three have their own unique vibe. The Old Town Scottsdale location is homey and quaint with vintage furniture and live music, while the Garage (housed in what was once an actual garage) is urban and lively, and the north Scottsdale option feels clean and modern.

Cartel Coffee Lab
We’d be remiss to not mention Cartel Coffee Lab, true purveyors of “coffee done right.” They have four locations in the valley (as well as two in Tucson), each a true haven for self-appointed “coffee snobs” who want options when it comes to their drip and pour-over coffee.

Giant Coffee
Tucked just off McDowell near downtown Phoenix is Giant Coffee, which is also part of a bigger collective space. It doesn’t matter what day you visit, it’s bound to be filled with people busily focused on their work or having quiet conversations. The best time to go is during the cooler months when they open up the giant, garage-like doors on the front wall.

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